Choosing your wedding centerpiece

Tips for Choosing Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to wedding planning, the right centerpieces can make all the difference. Choosing your wedding centerpiece is thus one of the most important tasks on any couple's to-do list. This article lays out a few tips for finding the right floral arrangements.

Consider Budget

Deciding on a budget for centerpieces first helps couples understand their options. A skilled Tampa wedding florist can help his or her clients to find perfect centerpieces that fit within their budgets, but only if they are upfront during their consultations about how much they can afford to spend. A low budget may prevent couples from using particularly expensive or out-of-season flowers in their arrangements, but that doesn't mean they can't find a solution that will still perfectly complement the rest of their décor.

Tie the Centerpiece into the Overall Theme

Wedding themes keep guests engaged and give those responsible for planning out the little details valuable information to work with. Even a simple theme goes a long way. For example, a wedding held during the warmer months could simply be summer themed, allowing florists to use sunflowers and other summer flowers in their centerpieces.

See What's in Season

Planning a wedding well in advance gives couples the chance to do a little bit of research about what flowers will be in season. Flowers that are in season can be procured in larger quantities at lower prices and will be more likely to remain fresh and beautiful throughout the reception. Ask the florist responsible for preparing the centerpieces for information about what's in season during the initial consultation.

Consider Guests' Needs

Couples should be sure to keep the comfort of their guests in mind when choosing centerpieces. After all, the guests will likely be spending many hours at their tables. Be sure to keep the centerpieces at a reasonable size so that everyone can see, and make sure to use unscented flowers if the guests have allergies.

Include Some Variety

Large wedding receptions with many tables may be better suited for centerpieces of varying size and floral varieties. Using a variety of different centerpieces can add visual interest to the reception venue and liven up the space. It also gives couples an easy way to accommodate guests who suffer from seasonal allergies to certain kinds of flowers.

Get a Professional Opinion

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, especially for couples who choose to make the majority of their own design decisions. Scheduling a consultation with a wedding florist early on in the process can make it much easier to choose centerpieces and other floral arrangements, as it allows couples to benefit from their florist's many years of relevant experience.