Maria Montefinese personal photo

Maria Montefinese

Head of the Executive-Semantic Control Lab

IRCCS San Camillo Hospital, Venice Lido, IT

Honorary Research Fellow

University College London, London, UK

Email address: maria.montefinese@gmail.com

I am an experimental psychologist working in the semantic field.  My main research interest concerns the cerebral organization of meaning/emotion-related information and the processes involved in the meaning retrieval in healthy participants and patients with language-disorders across different languages. 

My maturation as a cognitive neuroscientist has taken place in distinguished institutions such as the University of Padova, University of York and University College London. In these centers, I have had the opportunity to seize theoretical approaches and practical expertise from eminent neuroscientists, including but not limited to my formal mentors (Prof. Ettore Ambrosini, Prof. Elizabeth Jefferies, Prof. David Vinson, Prof. Gabriella Vigliocco, Prof. Carlo Semenza).

My contributions not only include theoretical advances in semantic processing but also a commitment to developing research resources for the community at large: four freely available, widely used normative studies on word meaning, emotion and age of acquisition in Italian and ongoing collaborative initiatives to develop other freely available psycholinguistic resources in Italian and English and "gold standard" practices for semantic feature investigations, both within Europe and worldwide. I am a vocal advocate and practitioner of open science practices to foster greater openness and transparency in research. 

You can view the word datasets here.

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