Koliou Research Group

Current Graduate Students

Mohammad Aghababaei, Ph.D. Student (Fall 2017-present)

MS, Sharif University of Technology (SUT), Tehran, Iran (2017)

BS, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan, Iran (2014)

Research Project:

Multi-Hazard Performance-Based Engineering in the Context of Post-Disaster System Functionality and Community Resilience

Andrew Brennan, MS. Student (Fall 2017-present)

BS, Stony Brook University - The State University of New York (2017)

Research Project:

Performance-Based Assessment of Seismic Retrofit Techniques for High-Voltage Transformer Bushing Systems

Shubham Khedpande, MS. Student (Spring 2018-Present)

BS, National Institute of Technology Raipur, India (2014)

Research Project:

Seismic Performance Assessment of Slender Concrete (Tilt-up) Walls

Current Undergraduate Students

Mary-Catherine Haggard, Engineering Honors B.S. student - Class of 2021

Undergraduate research on: Recovery Data Collection and Assessment of Port Aransas Following Hurricane Harvey

Georgios Athanasiou, Exchange Undergraduate Student - University of Cyprus

Undergraduate research on: Cross-laminated timber (CLT) diaphragm connections

Maria Pavlou, Exchange Undergraduate Student - University of Cyprus

Undergraduate research on: Deterioration of building infrastructure

Group Photos

Post-hurricane Harvey reconnaissance (2018) - Port Aransas, TX

Pictured (from left): M.C. Haggard, Dr. Koliou, M. Aghababaei

2018 EMI Conference at MIT

Pictured M. Aghababaei and Dr. Koliou

Dinner welcoming exchange students (Maria and Georgios) from Univ. of Cyprus

Pictured (from left): M. Pavlou, G. Athanasiou, Dr. Koliou, A. Brennan