Hi! I am a doctoral student in Economics at Fordham University. Previously, I held posts ranging from consulting in financial services and marketing, management in private tutoring, and volunteering for the United Nations, all while completing my undergraduate education in Economics and Mathematics. I am comfortable manipulating big data and using tools such as R, Python, SQL, and, most recently, Julia.

My research interests are defined in broadly three spheres that include understanding wealth inequality, creating effective monetary policy for all segments of an economy, and crafting new methods of economic organization and financial instruments in response to the global trends of our time.

Action-driven and energetic, I am passionate about asking questions and finding answers relating to polar extremes in socio-economic, political and institutional scenarios. As a first generation college student from El Salvador who grew up in poverty, having the chance to do research and work in New York City has given me a unique experience and perspective on these types of polarities. Additionally, I highly value the graduate education experience and strategic growth requirements in that field. I exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and am eager to adapt my skillset in order to meet the challenges ahead, wherever the next question leads me.