Speaking / Coaching

Marcus is a frequent speaker at conferences and company events. He has also been lecturing at university-level for the past six years. Finally, Marcus offers individual coaching sessions to startups, investors, and corporates.

His expertise is in the fields of startups, venture capital, and technology trends. Recently, he has covered the following topics:

  • How to raise a Series A round for your startup
  • New venture creation: How to start a company from scratch
  • Entrepreneurial marketing and finance
  • Venture capitalists: Business model, incentives, structures, success factors
  • Technology trends & startups: Understanding the most relevant tech trends & investing in early-stage startups
  • Blockchain: Introduction from a business, societal, technical, and legal point of view
  • How to invest in crypto projects: New challenges and opportunities for investors

Previous engagements have ranged from one-on-one coaching sessions to lectures in front of 250 people. Marcus is fluent in German and English. Currently based in Berlin & Warsaw, Marcus is open to international engagements.