When you step into the desert, Will enchant you, and this is due to its fascinating nature. The long sandy hills, arch jungles, salt lakes and superbly beautiful night sky are also the attractions of this desert.The tranquility and deep silence and the magical night sky of the maranjab desert have made it possible to experience silence and beauty simultaneously by visiting one of them.

You can not understand the magic tones of these sand dunes until you step on them. Tall hills and desert trees on the hills give the region a beautiful look. The pleasure of watching the dawn of the sun, which can not be described.

About Maranjab

Maranjab desert is located in Kashan and north of Aran Bidgol city, and its height from the open water level is 850 meters. Maranjab desert is composed of many sand dunes, and unlike what is thought of as desert, it has a very rich vegetation and beast.

Perhaps this desert can be called the heart of the deserts of Iran because it is located in the central part of the desert of Iran, and because of its proximity to the capital and the proper geographical features, having a safe atmosphere and relative equilibrium of space, suitable for tourism development, and Long-term investments.

Maranjab desert is special because this desert is one of the few deserts where different species of animals and vegetation can be seen, because the climate of this region makes water and food sufficient for the life of animals and plants; animals such as sand fox, sand cat, goatmeat, chameleon, shepherd, eagle , Falcon and vegetation cover are salty soybean plants such as gaz trees, arches, artillery, scabbards, dams and scissors, including these animals and plants. The long sandy hills and shrubs of the arch and gaz make this area one of the most beautiful desert areas in Iran. Salt Lake and night sky starter have also completed the combination of Maranjab's beauties. Seeing Maranjab is one of the best memories for traveling to the Iranian desert.

The beauty of this desert is endless; the long sandy hills, the unique salt lake and the wandering island in the middle of the lake all add to the beauty of this desert. Let's look at the various features of this beautiful desert.

Salt Lake

Salt Lake is one of the most prominent visited places in the Maranjab Desert. The magnificent salt lake, located 35 km from Aran and Bidgol, are one of the most unique natural places in Iran. This lake adjacent to the Desert National Park is one of the most important sources of industrial salt extraction.

This salt lake is dry and covered with salt deposits in most days of the year. On days with relatively high rainfall in this area, the lake's water elevation is about 2 cm, but it quickly evaporates after the sun's radiation. With each rainfall and evaporation of water in this lake, salt sediments form beautiful terraces in the form of polygons that create a marvelous landscape. The salt depth of this lake also varies from 5 to 54 m.

The wandering island

The wandering island is another natural attraction of the desert, located in the Salt Lake. Of course, this place, as we do not expect from the name of the island, because it has been thrown around far away by salt, rather than water. However, at some times of the year, the water rises about 2 to 5 centimeters, due to the surrounding rainfall, giving it a beautiful appearance. The same thing made the native people think that the place is moving and moving, so the name of the wandering island has been named. The island is 5 km from the city of Aran and Bidgol.

Maranjab Caravanserai

This Caravanserai is located on the Silk Road, and caravans that were traveling from Khorasan, Esfahan, Rey and vice versa stopped at rest and were drained from the pond water. The water of this pond is supplied from two springs: one with fresh water and the other with salt water. Of course, a fresh water spring along the salt lake has puzzled geologists. The presence of water in this area has caused the carriageway to occur alongside the caravanserai. The founder of this inn is Shah Abbas, where many of the Iranian caravansaries have been established on his orders.

When to go to Maranjab desert?

A trip to the desert has its own beauty every season. But with cooling, the air travels to this area more fans. The best time to travel to the desert is generally mid-autumn and late November, due to the dry and air-conditioned route. In general, since the beginning of autumn to early spring, it is a good time to travel to Maranjab because the weather is more moderate and cooler compared to other months.

Because of the vastness of the desert, I suggest you have a guide to the area, in order not to be lost. Do not forget your drinking water and food as much as necessary, underwater and flashlight, proper shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen.

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