Ensuring our Graduates are FUTURE READY


Thanks for visiting our School to Work site. We are glad you are here and hope you have heard the buzz about the great partnership the school is building with the local community. We are finding that the business community enjoys the opportunity to “try out” a student through a job shadow, a semester-long mentorship experience for 4 hours a week, or a paid internship experience for 8-10 hours a week for a semester or a year long position. The business and the student can determine if they are the “right fit” for each other with no strings attached. Our students are excited to be out in “the real world” learning about their strengths and weakness on the job, meeting new people, without a long-term commitment. Students are learning about careers that they didn’t even know existed before the workplace experience, they are learning to complete applications, write resumes, cover letters highlighting their strengths from the comments on their performance evaluations and practicing with interviewing techniques.

We share with our students that it is important to know both what they do and do not like in a career before they invest in a college education. However, some students are finding it may not even be lucrative to attend college after high school with the local businesses offering great pay and benefits without any student loan debt.

If you have more questions email the School to Work coordinator: CeAnn Palmer at for any questions on how to get started in the partnership.