Dakota Zoo - Fall 2016

Project Background:

  • Fall 2016
  • Zoo staff needed better facility maps to maintain the utilities at the zoo
  • Zoo had old paper maps with missing data
  • Facility staff wanted to try mobile GIS to keep their facility maps current

Data Collection:

  • Existing facility paper maps were scanned and digitized to approximate location of utilities prior to field data being collected
  • Field data was collected by volunteers using map grade GPS equipment
  • Data collection was done over a few hours on a Saturday afternoon
  • Data was then exported from GPS equipment to GIS software

Post Processing Field Data:

  • GIS Students at Bismarck State College post processed the field data and checked it against the digitized data from the old paper maps
  • Students then scrubbed the data for errors and inconsistencies
  • Each student focused on a particular utility and learned why mapping utilities accurately is important
  • Students then used cartography skills to symbolize the utilities correctly and package the data up into layer packages for uploading to ArcGIS Online

Webmap Creation:

  • The post processed data was then sent to volunteers with access to the Zoo's ArcGIS Online portal
  • The data was uploaded to ArcGIS Online
  • A webmap was created and setup to work with mobile devices and computers at the Zoo
  • Zoo Staff was then shown how to use the ArcGIS Collector app to update their maps in real time with geo tagged photos from their mobile devices
  • The Zoo will have an easier time tracking and maintaining their utilities to help keep the Zoo open to the public
  • Project was finished in approximately 2 months