Rules & By Laws

Pool Rules

Our top priority at Maple Valley Swim Club is to provide a SAFE, CLEAN, and FUN environment.

All members and guests are expected to follow the rules.

Although provisions for the safety of all members and guests have been made, Maple Valley Swim Club, Inc. assumes no responsibility for anyone using the pool, any equipment, and all surrounding areas.

Staff/Lifeguards Authority/Responsibilities

• No one may enter the pool unless a guard is on duty.

• Social conversations with the lifeguard on the lifeguard stand are prohibited.

• The Manager, Assistant Manager, or Head Guard has the authority to dismiss from the pool any person who violates the rules, regulations, or policies of MVSC.

• At any time, the Staff may curtail or restrict activities within MVSC boundaries that interfere with, or affect the safety and enjoyment of, other members.

• The lifeguard on duty may require anyone to demonstrate swimming ability. This swim test consists of:

        • Swimming the length of the pool without touching the bottom
        • Treading water for 60 seconds
        • Any Adult or Child who has not passed this swim test is required to remain in the 3-foot section of the main pool.

• Sporting games within the pool and compound area are at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.

• The pool must be vacated immediately upon Lifeguard's signal. The pool will be evacuated immediately upon threat of a storm and for thirty (30) minutes after thunder is heard. Lifeguards will signal when it is safe to return to the pool.

• Anyone in violation of any pool rules will be BENCHED by a staff member. Being BENCHED means you will sit on the bench for the designated time. Once time has been served, pool privileges will be reinstated.

      • First offense - warning
      • Second offense - 15 minutes on Bench
      • Third offense (if under age of 18) - your parents will be called, and you will be asked to leave the pool for the day.

Health and Safety Regulations

• No running except in the back play area.

• Chewing gum is not permitted inside the fenced area.

• Spitting is not permitted inside the fenced area.

• All persons are encouraged to take a soap shower before entering the pool.

• All persons re-entering the pool from the playground access gate must remove grass and/or dirt from their feet/shoes/suit before entering the water.

• Persons suffering from communicable or contagious diseases, skin conditions, sores, fungus infections, etc. will be prohibited from using the pool.

• Glass containers of any kind are not permitted inside the fenced area.

• All injuries, regardless of how slight, must be reported immediately to the guard on duty.

• Diving is only permitted in the diving well and in the 5 foot section of the pool.

• Running dives, back dives, and flips from the side of the pool are prohibited.

• Pushing, running, dunking or any other activity that endangers the safety or well being of any swimmers will not be tolerated.

• Children over six (6) years of age will not be permitted in the wading pool, except where circumstances may warrant as determined by the Pool Manager.

• When swimming, everyone must wear proper attire.

            • Small children who wear diapers MUST wear disposable swim diapers.
            • No cut-offs or other street clothes are permitted in the water.

• Pets are not permitted within the pool enclosure.

• Baseball in the back field is restricted to the use of whiffle or tennis balls.

• The horseshoe area is for adults only.

Supervised Swimming/Child Safety

• Parents/Guardians/Babysitters are responsible for watching all children under the age of ten (10) and all children who cannot pass the swim test. While Lifeguards are on duty for safety and emergencies, they are not expected to babysit.

• The baby/wading pool is NOT supervised by a lifeguard. It is the parent(s) or babysitter’s responsibility to remain in the fenced area with the child(ren).

• Children over six (6) years of age will not be permitted in the wading pool, except where circumstances may warrant as determined by the Pool Manager.


    • The only flotation devices permitted in the main pool are Coastguard approved vests.
    • A limited number of life vests are available in the office for short- term use and must be shared.
    • Members and guests are welcome to bring their own Coastguard approved vests (get approval from Manager or guards before use)
    • The approved vests are to be used only in the 3-foot area and with direct, in-water adult supervision.
    • Usage of these shall be at the sole discretion of the Pool Manager or Head Guard on duty.

• Children under age twelve (12) must be accompanied at the pool by an adult member or by their registered baby sitter.

• For the safety of your children, the parking lot is only to be used for arriving and departing the pool. It is not to be used as a “hang out”, playground for scooters, bikes, roller blades, skates or skateboards.

Diving Boards/Diving Well/Slide

• Any activity that is deemed unsafe may be banned at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.

• Diving area must be clear prior to using the diving boards or slide.

• When the diving boards are in use, the lifeguard on duty will signal when it is safe to use the slide.

• Only one (1) person at a time is permitted on the diving board and ladder.

• Only one (1) bounce is permitted.

• Swim as quickly as possible to the nearest ladder.

• Persons waiting to use the diving board(s) must wait for the previous diver/jumper to reach the ladder before using the board.

• Diving or jumping is not permitted from the side of the board.

• Persons wishing to use the diving board(s) and/or slide have priority over persons wishing to play games in the diving well.

General Regulations

• All members and their guests must clean up after themselves.

• Office and Kitchen areas are limited to staff and adults only. The office is not a “hang out”.

• Members are to use the kitchen responsibly and must clean up after any use.

• Please limit telephone calls on the office phone to two (2) minutes.

• Minors caught with or suspected of using alcoholic beverages will have their parents contacted and will be removed from the pool grounds by their parents or police.

• Anyone in possession of or suspected of using drugs on pool grounds will be removed from pool grounds by police. This infraction will be cause for suspension of pool privileges in accordance with by-law Section 5.9.


• All parties must be arranged through the Pool Manager.

Adult Swims

• Two swim lanes will be provided for adult swims which are scheduled at the following times:

• 2:15 PM – 2:35 PM

• 3:30 PM – 3:50 PM

• 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM

• Adult Swims are only for members and guests fifteen (15) years of age or older.

• It is at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty whether or not the diving well will be open to younger swimmers during Adult Swims.

Guest Policy

• The guest policy allows members to share the hospitality of the pool activities with their non-member friends.

• Member must be present at the pool when guests are visiting.

• Members must sign in and pay for guest(s) upon arrival.

• Members may purchase guest passes from a staff member. ($20 for 10 punches – checks only)

• Guest passes do not expire.

                    • Guest fees are as follows:
                    • Under age 65: Two (2) punches per day = $4.00/guest
                    • Senior Citizens: One (1) punch per day = $2.00/guest

• A member is limited to six (6) guests per day. Larger groups should refer to the pool rental policy.

• Guest passes cannot be used in place of pool rental for private parties or picnics.

• Guests age ten (10) and older must be accompanied by a member who is at least thirteen (13) years of age.

• Guests younger than ten (10) must be accompanied by a member who is at least fifteen (15) and will be required to take a swim test.

• All other guests may be required to demonstrate swimming ability at the lifeguard's discretion.

• Guests are only permitted to use the pool once every seven (7) days. However, exceptions may be made by the Manager.

Swim Lessons/Swim Team/Swim Meets

• Swim Team season is May – the end of July.

• Swim Team practices during the evening until the pool is opened full time.

• There will be two (2) Wednesdays each season when the pool will be closed early for home meets. If a meet is postponed to another night, this will be posted.

• The wading pool and the main pool are for use during pool operating hours only and are not available for use during swim team practice, swim meets, or swim lessons.

Membership Exceptions

• Any parent of a member who is living with, and dependent upon, the member is entitled to full pool privileges as a family member.

• Any child of a member upon reaching twenty-one (21) years of age shall no longer be eligible for swimming privileges unless he or she is actively serving in the military, is attending college, or receives full financial support from his or her parents.

• Any child of a member seeking swimming privileges who has reached the age of twenty one (21) years or older and is self-supporting, regardless of marital status, and regardless of residence, (unless otherwise exempted as described above), must pay full membership.

By Laws

Microsoft Word - Maple Valley By laws rev final 11-24-09.pdf