Membership options to fit your family needs.

Take the plunge and join the fun! Membership options for all families!


*Requires the one time purchase of a $350 bond in addition to below yearly fee

Single , $415

Family of 2, $440

Family of 3, $465

Family of 4+, $490

*A bond provides a discount on the associate membership and pay for itself in 4 years. As a bond holder, you receive special privileges, such as voting rights, ability to serve as an executive board member and early access to pool events. Most of all you are an owner of the pool. A bond is a donation to capital investment.


No bond required

Single, $515

Family of 2, $540

Family of 3, $565

Family of 4+, $590


Only for ages 15-18, no bond required

Single, $250

How to Sign up

  1. Complete Membership Invoice via link below, for promo add "promo" under member type.

  2. Determine payment option ~ paper check or Venmo (QR code on invoice)

  3. Follow payment and submission process.

Paper Check: print completed invoice and mail to address below.

Venmo: Upon Venmo payment, scan completed invoice and email form to address below.

NOTE: as of 6/8/2021 there is a $20 service charge for membership payments paid via Venmo.

Permanent or Associate Membership includes member and spouse plus dependent children under the age of twenty-one (21) and dependent parents of said members residing permanently in the same household.

All Members are expected to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours per season to assist with pool opening and pool closing tasks. There are no member maintenance assessment fees.

There is a $50 late fee for those memberships not received by membership invoice due date. See the current year's membership invoice form for those details.

Completed Membership Forms and check payments are to be mailed to:

2021 Invoices are DUE 4/1, otherwise a late fee of $50 will be assessed.

Maple Valley Swim Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 7654
Newark, DE 19714


Any parent of a member who is living with, and dependent upon, the member is entitled to full pool privileges as a family member.

Any child of a member upon reaching twenty-one (21) years of age shall no longer be eligible for swimming privileges unless he or she is actively serving in the military, is attending college, or receives full financial support from his or her parents.

Any child of a member seeking swimming privileges who has reached the age of twenty one (21) years or older and is self-supporting, regardless of marital status, and regardless of residence, (unless otherwise exempted as described above), must pay full membership.

Members may buy guest passes at any time during the season at the pool via cash or Venmo.
Please see details about bringing guests to the pool under the Rules page.

Any member who would like to add a Babysitter to their account can do so. This Babysitter would have the same privileges as your family, but would have to be accompanying your dependents.

The fee to add a Babysitter is $150.00 for the summer. To add a Babysitter please complete the application below and submit with a check.

MEMBERSHIP RESIGNATION (Permanent Members only)
, per the MVSC By Laws


A. If a certificate of membership holder (Permanent Member) desires to terminate Club membership, the certificate of membership holder must submit a written request along with the certificate, and it must be mailed to the Membership Director. Written resignation requests must be signed by the certificate of membership holder and must be post marked no later than December 31st.