Visualising GEoDATA With Mapbox

Workshop Materials:


A simple introduction to using Mapbox to present and visualise your geographical data.

The examples provided explore how to style maps with Mapbox Studio and how to integrate Mapbox into web applications using Mapbox JS GL.

Contents of Material:

  • Info provides some background about Mapbox.
  • Data explains the data set used in creating Maps 1-6.
  • First Steps explains how to create a mapbox account and load some data to mapbox.
    • Studio is an optional step. This explains how to style basemap layers without programming (possibly an interesting first step to learning some of the capabilities and functionality)
  • Maps 1-6: provide a step-by-step guide with example code to gradually building a 3D interactive map of new building development in Melbourne (shown in the video below).
    • Map 1: Load a basic basemap
    • Map 2: Load and Plot the data
    • Map 3: Colour the data by attribute
    • Map 4: Add hover over to show more attributes
    • Map 5: Add some buttons to filter data layers
    • Map 6: Finish the map (by adding a title and data source)
  • Feel free to deviate from these pages as you grow more confident and start to explore more capabilities and functionality

We look forward to seeing your Mapbox creations!

Happy Mapping!