Manuel Hoffmann

I am a postdoctoral scholar at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard housed within the Digital, Data, and Design institute at Harvard Business School. I am also affiliated with Stanford University.


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Open Source Software, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Technology

Generative AI and Distributed Work: Evidence from Open Source Software - NBER (w/ Sam Boysel, Frank Nagle, Sida Peng, and Kevin Xu)

Labor Competition and Open Innovation - Wharton (w/ Sam Boysel and Frank Nagle)

The Value of Open Source Software - HBS (w/ Frank Nagle and Yanuo Zhou) - Under Review

Analog Technology, Firm Campaigns, Preferences

Vaccines at Work: Experimental Evidence from a Firm Campaign - IZA (w/ Adrian Chadi and Roberto Mosquera) - R&R at Management Science

Television, Health, and Happiness - NBER (w/ Adrian Chadi) - Under Review

Fairness Preferences Revisited (w/ Yinjunjie Zhang, Raisa Sara, and Catherine Eckel) - JEBO Special Issue on Replication

HBS Case Study Pathways to Growth at an AI Startup


Advisor Perspectives, Axios, Bloomberg, Business-Insider, HBS Working Knowledge, Heise, Medium, The Stack, Tidelift, Wikipedia, World Bank, Yahoo