Cosmetology & Salon Business

Cosmetology is a two year program, offering instruction and practical experience in skills and theory, necessary to be employed as a cosmetologist. This includes care of hair, skin, nails and all related services offered in a beauty salon. Equipment used in the cosmetology laboratory is equivalent to that found in a modern shop. Students must fulfill the requirement of 1,500 instructional hours. The successful completion of the program qualifies students to take the Ohio State Cosmetology Licensing Examination.

Our two year Cosmetology program is designed for students to take the State Cosmetology Exam in April of their senior year of high school. If they pass, they are a licensed Cosmetologist, in the State of Ohio and can go right to work. Salaries range from $20,000 to $70,000 a year, depending on how hard they want to work.

Our Services

Hair Services

Permanent Wave $20

Spiral Perm Wrap $25 (and up)

Color $15

Hi-Light retouch $18

Hi-Lights With Foil $21 (and up)

Relaxers (virgin) $20

Press & Curl $12

Shampoo And Set $5

Long Hair Shampoo & Set $7 (and up)

Deep Conditioner $1

Thinning Of The Hair $2

Bangs only $1

Hair Cut $5

Cut With Set Or Blow Dry $8

Blow Style Set With Curling Iron $5

Braids $10 (and up)

Extensions $15 (and up)

Weave Extensions $25

Dreadlocks Starter $15 (and up)

Re tighten Dreadlocks $10 (and up)

Foil Weave $20

Partial $15

Nail Services

Plain Manicure $5.00

Oil Manicure $6.00

Pedicure $12.00

Set Of Nails $15

Refill $7

Nail Art $5

Gel Nails $10

Color Removal $2


Basic Facial $7.00

Chin Wax $2.50

OFRA $8.50

Eyebrow Arch $2.15

Upper Lip Wax $3

Make-up Application $10