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New Manor League

January, 2021

Manor Table Tennis Club is starting a new League format to. The league has two divisions and prize money and will replace the existing Challenge Board. The winter league starts in January 2021 and runs for approximately 12 weeks. For more information contact the club.

Manor Challenge Board League

League Rules

  • The league will run every night we are open and continue indefinitely as long as players are on the Challenge Board.

  • Participation is completely optional and free for members and visitors alike (included with the $5 visitor fee).

  • Each participating player will have their name on the board next to their current rank.

  • New players will be placed at the bottom and play their way up.

  • Only the first match on the night between two participating league players is official and counts. Rematches are optional and do not count.

  • Players should do their best to accept a reasonable number of challenge match requests on the night. Please inform the club if a player repetitively refuses to play a challenge match without reason.

  • If the higher ranked player wins, there is no change on the board.

  • If the lower ranked player wins, he moves up to the higher ranked player’s spot, and everyone in between moves down one spot (including the loser).

  • The winning player is responsible to move the names on the board themselves if ranking changes.

  • Have fun and treat each other with respect. Please refrain from shouting, arguing, or using profane language.

Additional Notes

  • The club reserves the option to drop #1 ranked player to second place if he doesn't show up to the club for an extended time. (more than a week) This is to avoid having a player remain #1 ranked indefinitely with no challenges.

  • The club reserves the right to remove any player from the league if the player frequently breaks rules or is disrespectful.

  • Any unresolved issues between players should be brought to the club attention for resolution.

Player Q/A

QUESTION: I like the freedom to choose who I play or when. Will that change much with the new Manor League?

ANSWER: League participation is completely optional. For non-league players nothing changes, you just play friendly matches just like today. League players will continue to play matches just like before. The only difference is that the first match on the night against another fellow league player will count and potentially affect player rankings on the board.

QUESTION: Can higher ranked players avoid playing me for fear of losing and dropping in rank?

ANSWER: No they should not. You have the right to challenge any higher ranked player on the night. The challenged player should make every effort to play a reasonable number of challenges or make plans on playing you next time.

QUESTION: I'm a higher ranked player. Can I be challenged all night long by lower level players and never get a chance to play who I want or play my own challenges?

ANSWER: Not really. You should play a reasonable number of challenges. But you also have the freedom to politely decline if you want to play your own challenges or friendlies as long as you make plans on playing the challenger next time.

QUESTION: I and another player don't get along and usually avoid playing each other. Do we have to challenge each other?

ANSWER: No, you don't have to. If you are the lower ranked player, just challenge others above him and if you win you just skip by that player. Most likely the other player will avoid playing you just like before.