Miss Mankato Info

I am excited to announce the first event for the new Ambassador Choir!

We will sing at the beginning of the Miss Mankato Pageant on the evening of Saturday, December 2. This is at Fitzgerald School in the theatre - across the street from St. Pete and Paul Catholic Church; 110 N. 5th street in Mankato.

We will usually wear our black polos for the Ambassador Choir, however for this event we will wear our black bottoms (pants or skirts) and white tuxedo shirt. The theme of the pageant is "Angels Among Us" and we will sing Silent Night - in our white shirts - holding battery powered candles and walking out either on stage or into the audience. The event coordinator would like us to wear white instead of black for this theme.

We will meet at 6:30. The Pageant begins at 7:00 and we will sing close to the beginning of the pageant. Lauren Senden, Miss Mankato's Outstanding Teen (and former MCC singer) will sing the National Anthem and then we will sing. After we sing children may leave with their parents (we will meet you in the lobby) or may stay for the pageant with a parent (comp tickets for one child and one parent will be available ). If you need more tickets you may purchase at the door or in advance at

Please reply with the following information:

1. Yes or No that your child will participate in this event.

2. Yes or No that your child will stay for the pageant with an adult. (I need to let the pageant sponsor know how many tickets we need).

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I'm excited to have this opportunity for our Ambassador Choir! Thank you for being an MCC Ambassador in our community!

Leah Ries