Markets and Sustainability Symposium

Behavioral Economics and Environmental Decision Making

January, Friday 24 - Saturday 25, 2020

How to accommodate human behavior to stave off severe forms of climate change? This question is one of the most important and pressing challenges societies face. Adequate answers require a deep understanding of human decision-making in a wide range of domains, including energy use, food consumption and mobility choices. At the symposium, researchers from different fields of economics, operations and marketing present their recent research on these topics and discuss how it contributes to addressing climate change. The focus will be on behavioral environmental economics and behavioral operations management but other perspectives to explore environmental consumer and firm behavior, such as psychological and consumer behavior research, will also be highlighted.

This event is sponsored by SOM Research Institute and Sustainable Society, one of the strategic themes of the University of Groningen.

Day 1 – Friday January 24

09:00 Registration

Morning sessions [Chair: Adriaan Soetevent]

09:30 Opening address Dean FEB

09:40 Menusch Khadjavi (VU University Amsterdam): Exposure to Climate-Change Related Extreme Weather Events and Risk Preferences: Evidence from Farmers in Afghanistan

10:20 John Thøgersen (Aarhus University): Goal-Activation for Sustainable Consumer Choices: A Comparative Study of Denmark and Brazil

  • 11:00 COFFEE BREAK

11:20 Tim Kurz (University of Bath): When a fine is not even a price: A mixed-method examination of responses to the implementation of a charging zone targeting city centre air pollution

12:00 Adriaan Soetevent (University of Groningen): Deterministic Choice Set Variation in Discrete Choice – with an Application to the Electric Vehicle Public Charging Market

  • 12:40 LUNCH

Afternoon sessions [Chair: Jenny van Doorn]

14:00 Andreas Lange (University of Hamburg): Prosocial Promises in the Marketplace

14:40 Sander Onderstal (University of Amsterdam): Can Collusion Promote Corporate Social Responsibility? Evidence from the Lab

  • 15:20 COFFEE BREAK

15:40 Claes Ek (University of Gothenburg): Norm-based feedback on household waste: a large-scale field experiment in two Swedish municipalities

16:20 Jenny van Doorn (University of Groningen): What a Waste! Effects of (Un)planned Consumption on Consumer Food Waste

  • 19:00 Symposium Dinner @ Brasserie Groen

Day 2 – Saturday January 25

Morning sessions [Chair: Jasper Veldman]

09:00 Jan Koch (University of Groningen): Disgusting? No, Just Deviant. Understanding Consumer Skepticism toward Sustainable Food Alternatives

09:40 Linda Steg (University of Groningen): Encouraging sustainable behaviour

10:20 Geertje Schuitema (University College Dublin): Understanding public acceptability of sustainable policies

  • 11:00 COFFEE BREAK

11:20 Lorenz Goette (University of Bonn): The role of goals in motivating behavior: evidence from a large-scale field experiment on resource conservation

12:00 Michel Handgraaf (Wageningen University): Saving energy when others pay the bill: field experiments on energy conservation in firms, student housing and hotels

  • 12:40 LUNCH

Afternoon sessions [Chair: Jan Willem Bolderdijk]

14:00 David Hagmann (Harvard University): Nudging out support for a carbon tax

14:40 Joël van der Weele (University of Amsterdam): Shooting the Messenger? Supply and Demand in Markets for Willful Ignorance

  • 15:20 COFFEE BREAK

15:40 Anouk Schippers (University of Groningen): Peer-to-peer markets

  • 16:30-18:00 Closing remarks and drinks at symposium venue


If you have not yet registered for the event but still wish to participate, please contact Ms. Astrid Beerta (

Symposium venue and hotel reservations

The symposium will take place at the Best Western Hotel - Groningen Centre, Radesingel 50, Groningen. Please visit the hotel's web site for travel directions. For participants, we have negotiated special symposium rates that are valid for a limited amount of time. For room reservations, please use the following link and email the filled out form to the indicated address