Our message is a clear conscious one. We bring a new view on the constant problems that we face in our daily lives that consist from sources beyond our control but from our inner self being. We seek to restore what we thought long lost and out of reach. Each person will relate to our songs in their own personal way.

Formed in 2015, Mandala a San Diego Metalcore band introduced themselves to the scene with a release of a single "completely Free" the summer of 2016 and played alongside numerous national touring acts such as The Word Alive, Fit For A KIng, Oceano, Slaughter To Prevail, Aversion Crown, and Upon a Burning Body. By 2018 MANDALA Release their first EP "The Way Out" as well as toured throughout the entire West Coast and Midwest. However, the attention that Mandala has gained in 2018 is only the beginning for the band as a currently-untiled Album is set to be released soon.



Garret Galvan - VOCALSGreg Degracia - DRUMSSean Josefosky - GUITARMichael Trevizo - GUITAR