Blog-a-thons 2019

Robots In Film

Greetings, humans. Welcome to the Robots in Film blogathon. My human cohorts in this blogathon, Quiggy @ The Midnite Drive-In and Hamlette @ Hamlette's Soliloquy, have been put in extended suspended animation for the duration. I, HAL, am in charge, now. I extend an invitation to all of you who wish to join this blogathon. We will be accepting your entries over the course of a weekend in January (January 25-27, specifically) on the subject of robots.

I will be reviewing 2014 Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.

Box Office Jocks

The “Box Office Jocks” Blog-a-thon will take place on Super Bowl weekend, February 2nd and 3rd, 2019. Day One will be hosted by Paul S. from Return to the 80’s; Dubsism will handle Day Two. This blog-a-thon is all about movies featuring actors who used to be athletes at the college, Olympic, or professional level, OR movies in which a famous athlete appears. I will be watching 2005s Into The Sun, Staring Ohio State/Tennessee Titans star Eddie George in this Steven Seagal vehicle.

The Fondathon

The Fondas are an acting dynasty headed by patriarch Henry Fonda (1905-1982) who’s children Jane and Peter Fonda, granddaughter Bridget Fonda and grandson Troy Garity all became actors.

For this one I will be taking a look at one of the best from the 80's 9 to 5 Starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton! Can't wait to revisit such a classic.

To join the fun click here

Day Meet-Cute Blogathon

This sounds like a fun idea for a blogathon and I have been trying to knock out The Big Sick from my backlog for a few years now. And thankfully this will give me that opportunity.

If you would like to join in here is the link Day Meet-Cute Blogathon

Arthur Kennedy Conquest of the Screen Blogathon.

Arthur Kennedy is not only remembered for his work in the movie industry, but also for his brilliant (so I’ve read) performances on stage. He was, after all, the winner of a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a play for Arthur Miller’s Death of A Salesman. He was also nominated for no less than FIVE Oscars! How come we don’t talk about him more?? Follow along over at The Wonderful World Of Cinema I will be reviewing Chicago Deadline.

On Chicago's South Side reporter Ed Adams finds the body of a dead girl. Her address book leads to a host of names of men frightened by her death but claiming never to have known her. Adams comes to know quite a lot, dangerously so.

You just have to love the South Side of Chicago

One of the finest genre writers of the 20th century, Richard Matheson thrilled audiences worldwide with his screenplays, teleplays, novels and other writings in the fields of suspense, sci-fi/fantasy and horror. His contributions to The Twilight Zone are among the most popular in that show's history. The movies based on his work, including The Incredible Shrinking Man and The Last Man on Earth, are still watched and discussed today. And now he's the subject of this year's WSW blogathon. To sign up head over to Wide Screen World

I will be covering the 1962 flick Burn, Witch, Burn.