How to Manage Anger at the Child?

There are too many things in our lives that tend to create some pressure. You may be worried about being late to reach an appointment, lost client or anything related to your work. Then comes in the child who is teasing the younger brother, or he is belligerent. That could be enough for you to get angry.

The thing is child’s behavior alone is not something that should make you angry. It’s the other things that have been happening with you the entire day and now you are an emotionally weakened person. In that situation, letting your firestorm come out just because your child did something a bit teasing is not fair at all. Unfortunately, we tend to find justification that this behavior of child would make him irresponsible, mean or a dishonest person.

Remember, the child may be tempering with you pressure points at the moment but he is definitely not the cause of anger you are going to unleash.

Well, you don’t need to be worried about it if you have realized that children do not have to be the victims of your anger even if they are the very reason for this anger. Consider reading the following points to learn about anger management, especially with your kids.

Reason for the anger towards kids

This is the fact that both parents and children have got the ability to make each other angry. But remember, children can hit the pressure points of parents just because they are children. If we ask the psychologists, they would term this process as “ghosts in the nursery”, which means that children have got the ability to stimulate the childhood’s feeling of the parents. The feeling of fear and rage is so powerful that it can even make the adult to go mad sometimes.

At the same time, this very behavior of children can be a helpful thing. You can learn to manage your anger in the better way. You can learn about surviving the session and save your authority about making decision for the time when you are in your complete senses.

Things that tend to happen when you scream

Imagine your spouse showing his/her anger at you by screaming. Then, imagine the situation when a person you completely depend upon is shouting and screaming at you. Now, try to compare the feelings that you would develop in the latter scenario with the one you often go through. It’s surely terribly a bad one. Naturally, we lose all out maturity while being angry, and that’s what makes screaming at your kids something pretty consequential from a really bad perspective. They would start disconnecting with you, and the feeling of love and compassion will be long gone.

From the perspective of long term effects, children would start developing a personality which could make them letting the anger drive their behavior. That can be even more disturbing.

So, when you feel that the anger in you is about to cause an outburst, take a break from everything and take a deep breath. Remember, the anger usually comes with a hidden message which could be about anxiety, fear or worry about something which has gone wrong. The best way to get that message, and later start working on it with a free mind, is to let your anger evaporate instead of going for an outburst.