KEKOS is a Character Customization Tool made for Unity with a ton of outfits combinations and fast integration for your projects.


Does the system work in runtime?

Yes. The main purpose of the editor is to support the character and prefab creation. Although there is an example scene showing the runtime functionality. You can see that working in the following video.

Can I add my own elements to the existing ones?

In the documentation, we have included a guide on how to add your own models to the package. Although the characters have some complexity (rig, blendshapes, etc.) and this must be done at the user's own risk, as it may break some features.

Can I use the Editor to work with my own character base model and elements and not use the KEKOS one?

Potentially, the system can work with a non-KEKOS character, but that could imply extra work from your side. You must follow the naming conventions in the technical document, configure the items databases, maybe change some scripts to disconnect some functionality if your character doesn’t have it (for example, head blendshapes), etc.

Is KEKOS compatible with more animations? Can I add my own?

KEKOS uses the Unity humanoid avatar, a system that has special features to work with humanoid characters. Due to the similarity in bone structure between different humanoid characters, it is possible to map animations from one humanoid character to another.

You can use almost any animation in the Unity Asset Store and animations with other skeletons (CAT, Biped, Blender armature, etc.) through this system.

You can find more information at this Unity documentation link: Importing a model with humanoid animations.

Why is the package so heavy? It is possible to reduce the final size? What is the approximate size of one exported character?

The size of the package is mainly taken by textures (especially because each item has 6 color textures + 1/2 normal + 1/2 metallic + sometimes emissive). We provide high-quality textures for a wide range of uses. But when you build for example for Android, the ETC compression will compress the texture and it will be smaller. If you need more compression you can change the Unity import settings of the textures.

With some changes, you can have a lot of different texture sizes.

For example:

  • 5.3MB (DXT format Windows)

  • 2.7MB (ETC format Android)

  • 280KB (ETC format Android reduced size to 1204 and crunch compression)

  • 0.6MB (ASTC format Android)

Note: the texture import process can take a lot of time depending on the target texture size and format, especially in the normal maps, so maybe you want to make a bulk override in several files at once.

Also if you export only one character like in the third-person controller video, the size will be a lot smaller due you are only using the mesh, and only a few textures.

Does it work on Android or iOS? Wich are the compatible platforms?

Potentially the system may work on any device and operative system compatible with Unity: PC, Android, iOS, consoles, VR, WebGL, etc. We have tested it in some of them and it run with no problem.

*Note testing devices: PC, Android (Xiaomi mi8 and other devices), iOS (iPad), Oculus Meta Quest, WebGL.

Will be any updates on the package content?

Yes. The package will be updated with new costume pieces, hairstyles, and textures over time. We can’t assure you how many updates will be nor the themes of them.

Is it compatible with URP and HDRP?

Yes. Inside the package, you have two files to extract depending on the pipeline that you will be using.

Do you have any packages with adult or other age characters?

No. For now, KEKOS only has these models. Maybe other packages will come in the future but we can’t assure that.