Creativity is intelligence having fun


Hi! I'm Laura Blair. I will be the 2nd/3rd grade teacher for Frontier Charter Academy an online school for all Oregonians. I can hardly wait for this new adventure into the online teaching world.

What I do...

As a leader I know how to build relationships, communicate effectively, provide clarity, and follow through with initiatives all while providing inspiration.

Eleven years of supporting and motivating teachers through technology integration has allowed me to work with many different personalities. Getting all different kinds of people to work together towards a common goal is one of the things I do best.

I work closely with teachers and students integrating technology to help personalize and differentiate instruction.

I teach a Design Thinking inquiry class and manage the school’s new Makerspace program.

My strong personal skills allow me to work with teachers of all technology levels allowing them to take risks to try new and exciting learning activities with their students.

Being connected as an educator is extremely important to me and I use my connections to stay on top of technology developments and to share ideas.

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Social Media Management

msnaganaga is the Middle School's Instagram account that I manage. Pictures automatically get tweeted out to @msnagana on Twitter thanks to one of my favorite sites