Travelling is my passion. Here are some pictures from my favorite adventures.


I lived in Chennai for almost four years and had the most amazing experiences there. Here are just a few pictures of my adventures in India.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is about an hour flight from Chennai, India where we were living. After our first trip here, we knew we would be back many times. I've lost count of how many times we've been but it's definitely one of my favorite destinations. We just went back for one last trip December 2017 with my parents.

Jakarta, Indonesia


Our family vacation to Hanoi and Halong Bay was a beautiful trip full of culture, great scenery and good food. I can't wait to get back to Vietnam one day.

Kerala, India

Hiking Nepal

Bali, Indonesia

Lake Toba, Indonesia

The site of the last super volcano, Lake Toba on Sumatra is a very interesting place to visit. The Batik people who live there have a unique culture that is different from the rest of Indonesia.



Oregon Summers


Hiking Kalalau, Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

I've done this amazing trek six times on Kauai's NaPali Coast. It is my favorite place on earth and by far the hardest hike I've ever attempted.

School Trip to Solo with the 7th Grade , Indonesia