A Village Forgotten in Time... Maluti came into limelight in fifteenth century as the capital of nankar raj (tax-free kingdom). The kingdom was awarded to one Basanta Roy of village Katigram by Sultan Alauddin Hussan Shah of Gaura (1495 - 1525). Son of a poor Brahmin Basanta managed to catch the pet hawk of the sultan and gave it back to the sultan. In lieu of the hawk (Baj), Basanta was given the kingdom. Hence, the king was called Raja Baj Basanta. The capital of Baj Basanta dynasty was in Damra. Later it was shifted to Maluti. The royal family was very pious...

The History of Maluti Village

The Pre-History

Some pre-historic stone tools found in the river bed of Chila confirm that Maluti used to be inhabited by our pre-historic fore-fathers, though the area was never excavated.
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Maa Mauliksha

By seeing the huge number of temples of different gods and goddesses at Maluti one can easily imagine that at one point of time, the village was prosperous with a high degree of religious zeal.

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The Temples

As regard to temple architecture of maluti it can be found in the existing temples that no particular style like Nagara, Vesar or Dravida have been followed.

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Santals are the largest tribe in the Jharkhand and West Bengal state of India in terms of population and are also found in the states of Odisha, Bihar and Assam.

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