Frederik Mallmann-Trenn

Postdoc at MIT with Nancy Lynch (TDS group).

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

e-mail: <first 8 letters of family name>

Research Interests: Randomized processes, distributed computing, data science, community detection/clustering, random walks, learning theory, computing with noise, social networks, and robotics

Education: I received my (Joint-)PhD from École normale supérieure (with Claire Mathieu) and Simon Fraser University (with Petra Berenbrink) [PhD Thesis]


  • On coalescence time in graphs–When is coalescing as fast as meeting? Varun Kanade, M.T., Thomas Sauerwald

arXiv, Talk, SODA 19

  • Clustering Redemption–Beyond the Impossibility of Kleinberg’s Axioms . Vincent Cohen-Addad, Varun Kanade, M.T.,

NeurIPS 18 (formerly NIPS)

  • Eigenvector Computation and Community Detection in Asynchronous Gossip Models. M.T., Cameron Musco, Christopher Musco

ICALP 18, arXiv, Talk

  • Hierarchical Clustering: Objective Functions and Algorithms. Vincent Cohen-Addad, Varun Kanade, M.T., Claire Mathieu

SODA 18, arXiv, Talk

  • Hierarchical Clustering Beyond the Worst-Case. Vincent Cohen-Addad, Varun Kanade, M.T.

NIPS 17, Poster

  • Ignore or Comply? On Breaking Symmetry in Consensus. Petra Berenbrink, Andrea Clementi, Robert Elsässer, Peter Kling, M.T., Emanuele Natale

PODC 17, arXiv

  • How large is your graph? Varun Kanade, M.T., Victor Verdugo.

DISC 2017, BA at PODC 2016, arXiv, Talk

  • Bounds on the Voter Model in Dynamic Networks. Petra Berenbrink, George Giakkoupis, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, M.T.

ICALP 2016, arXiv, Master’s Thesis SFU, Talk

  • Self-stabilizing Balls & Bins in Batches. Petra Berenbrink, Tom Friedetzky, Peter Kling, M.T., Lars Nagel, Chris Wastell

Algorithmica, PODC 2016, arXiv, Talk

  • Plurality Consensus in Arbitrary Graphs: Lessons Learned from Load Balancing. Petra Berenbrink, Tom Friedetzky, Peter Kling, M.-T., Chris Wastell

ESA 2016, arXiv, Talk

  • Distance in the Forest Fire Model. How far are you from Eve? Varun Kanade, Reut Levi, Zvi Lotker, M.-T., Claire Mathieu

SODA 2016, Talk

  • On the Voting Time of the Deterministic Majority Process. Dominik Kaaser, M.-T., Emanuele Natale

MFCS 2016, BA at DISC 2015, arXiv

  • Improved Analysis of Deterministic Load-Balancing Schemes. Petra Berenbrink, Ralf Klasing, Adrian Kosowski, M.-T., Przemysław Uznański

PODC 2015, arXiv, Talk, (to appear in TALG)

  • Threshold Load Balancing With Weighted Tasks. Petra Berenbrink, Tom Friedetzky, M.-T., Sepehr Meshkinfam, Chris Wastell

JPDC, IPDPS 2015, Talk

  • Palindrome Recognition In The Streaming Model. Petra Berenbrink, Funda Ergün, M.-T., Erfan Sadeqi Azer

STACS 2014, arXiv (newer), Talk

  • Slow Down and Sleep for Profit in Online Deadline Scheduling. Peter Kling, Andreas Cord-Landwehr, M.-T.


  • Estimating The Number Of Connected Components In Sublinear Time. Petra Berenbrink, Bruce Krayenhoff, M.-T.

Information Processing Letters

For a full list see dblp.


  • Skyline Computation with Noisy Comparisons. M.-T., Claire Mathieu, Victor Verdugo


  • Instance-Optimality in the Noisy Value-and Comparison-Model--Accept, Accept, Strong Accept: Which Papers get in? Vincent Cohen-Addad, M.-T.


  • Rapid asynchronous plurality consensus. Robert Elsässer, Tom Friedetzky, Dominik Kaaser, M.-T., Horst Trinker

BA at PODC 2016, arXiv, Talk

  • Self-Stabilizing Task Allocation In Spite of Noise. Anna Dornhaus, Nancy Lynch, M.-T, Dominik Pajak and Tsvetomira Radeva

arXiv , Talk at BDA