In front of the Mysore Palace, Karnataka, India.

Welcome! I'm Malcolm Keating, Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Humanities Division of Yale-NUS College, Singapore, with a joint courtesy appointment in the Department of Philosophy, National University of Singapore.

I think about language, meaning, and knowledge. My research employs history of philosophy in the service of philosophy as a whole. Specifically, my work engages with classical Indian philosophical traditions as well as contemporary Anglophone (analytic) philosophy of language. You can learn more about my work on my research page and in this 3:am Magazine interview.

I keep a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page here.

Forthcoming, May 2019

This introduction brings to life the main themes in Indian philosophy of language by using an accessible translation of an Indian classical text to provide an entry into the world of Indian linguistic theories.



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Personal academic blog: śābdabodhaḥ

Group scholarly blog: The Indian Philosophy Blog.