I'm Malcolm Keating,
Associate Professor of
Yale-NUS College

I work on philosophy of language, epistemology, and argumentation.
My research engages with Sanskrit-language philosophy from the classical period in the Indian subcontinent.

I also have a joint appointment in Philosophy at the National University of Singapore, where I will begin teaching when Yale-NUS College closes in AY2025-26.

Selected work

Reason in an Uncertain World
(Under contract with Oxford University Press)

Classical Sanskrit for Everyone
(Under contract with Hackett Publishing)

Email: malcolm.keating@yale-nus.edu.sg

Yale-NUS students: email me for office hours, syllabi, and other inquiries.
Current Academic Year (2022-23) Course Offerings:

Semester 1

YHU2315 Classical Indian Philosophy, 2000-level

YHU4103 Philosophy Capstone Seminar, 4000-level

Semester 2

YHU3350 Buddhists and Brahmins: Kumārila Bhaṭṭa and Dignāga, 4000-level

YHU[TBD] Global Philosophy of Metaphor, 3000-level

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