From #MalaysiaMemilih To #MalaysiaBaharu


Project Kick-Off: 6 April 2018

Project Full-Time: Still ongoing

Malaysia Memilih is Astro AWANI extensive election coverage combining in depth analysis, advanced augmented reality presentation and big data analytics for Malaysia's 14th General Elections

From #MalaysiaMemilih To #MalaysiaBaharu is the social media engagement initiatives for the election described as social media election.


What is #MalaysiaMemilih and how the social media movement renewed the hope of every Malaysians, "From #MalaysiaMemilih To #MalaysiaBaharu” -

Campaign Hashtag: #MalaysiaMemilih

Facebook Posting

1. The call for young voters' power! -

2. Tun M flight sabotaged? -

3. The Grand Finale Pakatan Harapan -

4. The Grand Finale Barisan Nasional -

5. Who won the social media after The Grand Finale before #MalaysiaMemilih? -

6. Positive sentiment more towards Barisan Nasional -

7. The world is watching us -

8. Fall to disgrace, 7 BN leaders so far (as at 10pm) -

9. Barisan Nasional shocking defeat PC -

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1. Malaysia Memilih social media promo -

2. Tun M is the best actor, Najib said -

3. Tun M reaction on Anwar Ibrahim royal pardon -

Drone-Shot State Data Social Media Video

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We rescue Malaysia -

Thank You, Malaysia -

Countdown To Malaysia Memilih -

Independent Candidate, which one is yours? -

Urging Malaysians To Vote -

The Difference Between Postal Votes and The Normal Votes -

Nik Aziz Legacy -


Video Editor will upload some of the social media native video to our YouTube channel

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Astro AWANI alerting the audience to check SPR Daftar Pemilih:

Astro AWANI anchor alerting the audience to check their voting constituency:


Sample social media posting by our journalists on the ground:



Azwan Ali

Nomination Day interesting bit -

Brotherhood fight in Selangor -

Ex-beauty pageant eyeing for Kiulu seat -

TV personality Azwan Ali managed to seal his nomination -

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