Fixed dentures

Over the years dental experts have put so much effort into finding the most efficient solution to weak teeth and tooth loss. Tooth replacement therapies and surgeries were first introduced thousands of years ago and have become very specialised and effective.

Along with the well known dentures and bridges there are other, less known surgeries that have recently become popular following discovery. Dental implants which replace teeth from the jaw bone have been in use for the last few decades and have had the most attention from dental experts over the last few years. Dental implant surgery although effective has been found to not suit all types of people as the recovery process can be lengthy depending on the strength of the patients’ jaw. Also, for the price of dental implant surgery, it is most appealing for people who require full jaw restoration now just one or two teeth.

This is why experts have introduced implant fixed dentures. They are a sort of upgraded type of dentures. They use the new technology of implants but can be used if you only suffer from a couple of weak or damaged teeth rather than the whole jaw.

Implant fixed dentures are fixed to the jaw bone like dental implants. They are made of a titanium screw that bonds to the bone and stands self-supported in the mouth. As they don't require support from surrounding teeth, they won't result in the wearing of surrounding teeth which is a common fault of normal, old fashioned dentures. However the combination of the surgeries uses the strengths of dentures as well. Dentures are made from porcelain which is a cheaper material.

Although, unfortunately implant fixed dentures aren't removable by the patient like normal dentures are. They are life long and won't supply replacement unlike dentures. They won't wear like normal dentures so you will save money and also wont have to keep on returning to the dentist. With fixed dentures you can forget about the worries you have with your mouth and be filled with confidence again.

The cost for implant fixed dentures is significantly more than just an old fashioned bridges or over dentures which are just covers that support your teeth and can be removed at night and to be cleaned. It requires an amount of gold. To make fixed dentures which has a dramatic effect on the price. Gold costs about £1500 per ounce and it requires several ounces to make a full set of fixed implants.