Making Connections: Genius Hour at Home

Remote learning is something that is new for all of us and we are learning as we go. Below, I've shared some resources and ideas that I hope will be helpful as you find ways to engage and empower your learners in the weeks to come. The Facebook LIVE video above was recorded for TAGT (Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented) for both parents and educators. Please forgive the poor connection for the first few minutes...just know that it gets better throughout the video (around the 7:00 mark).

Make Connections

Go for a walk and look for geometric shapes, insects, types of plants, or count your steps.

Cook a meal together and talk about the fractions that are used in the recipe.

Watch a movie and ask them to summarize when it's over or identify specific parts of the story (setting, characters, plot, conflict, and resolution).

Sit on the back porch and identify the types of clouds in the sky.

Go outside at night and try to identify the constellations.

Chat about the COVID19 experience and ask your learner to start a blog as a way to journal their thoughts and feelings.

Have a scavenger hunt and give your learner 10 minutes to find as many things as they can to find things that remind of them of something that they recently learned at school. Come back together and allow them to share.

Allow your children to watch their favorite movie with no sound. Turn the subtitles on and encourage them to "read" the movie as they watch.

Play Monopoly and let them practice counting money, communicating with each other, and problem solving.

The possibilities are ENDLESS...

Lean Into Curiosity

Wonderopolis is a wonderful way for learners to experience new learning and make connections.

Wonderopolis Slides

Mensa for Kids has a variety of options for gifted learners to explore and access as they seek opportunities to make connections.

TED Connections

Encourage Creativity

Click on Skills to explore different skills that can be learned and specific challenges that can be completed.

Genius Hour At Home

Remote Learning Slides

Thank you so much for taking time to explore the ideas and resources that I've shared for remote learning. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always email me Learn more by checking out my website and following me on Twitter. I look forward to connecting and continuing to learn with you.