Making Changes Counseling PLLC

     Many times in life we are faced with challenges that we did not expect or even see coming.  We may not have the personal experience or the background to know how to handle or cope with the situation.  It may involve a life change or a lot of emotional pain. We may feel that our life will never be the same.   We may not know what the next move needs to be. Maybe we just need an environment where we can work through the emotional pain. Maybe it is time to get a new direction in life. 

     As a mental health therapist I like to get to know people and understand how they think.  Once this has been established we can better understand the challenges that are facing them.  We can work together to find a solution that will better change their life.

     For the past twenty-two years I have worked with adults struggling with issues in individual, couples or  group therapy.  This may involve using techniques to be able to see things differently.   Sometimes we just need someone to listen as we process what is going on in our life.

Making Changes Counseling PLLC

Working on damaged emotions and going in new directions 

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