Making Kids Rich without Giving Them Entitled Life

Although, most of us would want to give our kids the best in terms of foods, residence and everything, none of us would be willing to raise the kids who would think that world owes them. Instead, people want to raise the kids who would think they deserve a better life. There is a difference between both of these approaches. The former one is concerned with making the children spoiled enough that respect wouldn’t mean anything to them. When we talk about the latter one, we talk about raising the kids who would like to work hard with a positive approach to achieve something in their lives.

With that said, it would be worth discussing the ways you can raise a child who feels empowered and deserving, but not entitled.

Possessions are not the alternatives of emotional needs

It’s a bad parental habit to provide too many toys to the child. We do this when we feel guilty for not being able to spend some time with our kids. Children primarily want ‘someone’ to play with, not ‘something’ to play with. So, when your child starts demanding too much about more toys and materialistic items, it should be a red flag for you. There is an old saying, children would thrive more when you give them half of the presents but twice your presence.

Encourage your child to create his/her own way to earn

If your child demands for something and you don’t really want to fulfill the child’s wish right away, there are some ways to do it. The worst one is to quiet the child a soon as he/she starts speaking. Shutting down is never the right way to go because it makes the child to think that he doesn’t deserve he is asking for. This way, may be able to make the child realize that he is not entitled but he will also not be empowered.

Another way is to get the child what he/she wants by taking a promise to be a good kid. This is what we can term as bribing, which is also not good because it ultimately leads the kid to promise for everything to achieve the objective through shortcuts.

Third way is to encourage the child to have the item by earning it. Yes, they might not be in a position to earn money to buy that item, you can set a realistic target for them, e.g. better performance in studies and nice behavior. This approach would teach the kids that everything is possible to achieve through hard work.

Encourage the child to embrace hard working habits

This is what you can do only by organizing the family life. You have to be a model in front of your kids. You have to be an organizer of your own life. Then, the words you will say to them would have the real meanings. Teach them that proper channel of getting things done is the only way to get something permanently in life, and that shortcuts are bad. Teach them to organize and clean the room they live in. share the chores and distribute household work equally among them.