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Maketh by Me is a small craft company that is focused on making niche crafts accessible. Our starting point is to promote Batik. We want to champion this skill and keep this heritage art alive. We want to make it accessible to crafters who are looking to achieve something special. We run classes in the Manchester and Liverpool. We can also travel to host dedicated events. Please see the classes page.

What is Batik

Batik is the art of creating images on fabric by using wax and dye. The wax will resist the coloured dye allowing the artist to achieve any shades and colour without them running into each other. Wax can be applied using a tjanting tool or a patterned metal block. The dye is then fixed and the wax removed and the cloth is ready for wearing or display.

History of Batik

Batik is a craft that is over 2000 years old, it was practised in the Far East, Middle East, Central Asia and India. The art is likely to have spread from Asia to the islands of Malay archipelago and onwards to the Middle East through the traders on the Caravan route. Batik is most widely practised in Indonesia and popular in its neighbouring country Malaysia.

The technique is the same in each country each with their own cultural variation of shapes and forms. Batik is rich in colour and the patterns are alluring and enticing to the eye.

Sustaining a heritage art

Since the dawn of digital printing batik has been a dying art. Over the last 40 years there has been a declining demand for true batik. It is labour intensive and a multi-layered process, hence costly to produce. In our eyes it is a beautiful artform that allows you to create unique patterns to adorn your home or parade on your catwalk.