Gift Guide for Equestrians

This year, I decided to make a gift guide for equestrians because I know how it goes every Christmas or even when a family member says they got you something for your horse. It's always something that is not your discipline or something that is not your style. One year, someone gave me a very colorful saddle pad, and it was not a nice pad either. It still has the tag on it, but it was not my style, and I never used it. This guide is to prevent those awkward situations and help anyone that is looking for the equestrian in their family - or even their barn bestie. Throughout this guide, I did put some discounts in there so you can save a little. I also want to make sure most businesses have more then what I show so please check out their websites that will be linked if there is a website. If their is a website the company's name will be linked to their site.I decided to make these all, small businesses because someone does a dance and gains something from it. Enjoy, and thank you for checking out my first - and hopefully not last - gift guide for the equestrian: small business style.

I have known this business for years, Jocelyn has made many shirts, coats and water bottles. This business puts names, logos, designs and more on everything you could think of using all different embroidery, vinyl, and screen printings. This embroidery and design shop has and makes it all, seriously. I never had the printing stay on so long like Forget Me Not Designs. Other companies' screen printing has started peeling right away. I've had one shirt for more than five years and it still looks brand new. This small business is located in Illinois but don't worry, everything can be done online. Use code MYM10 for 10% off this code is valid through December 23rd 2019 click here to view their website

I love these bonnets and I don't think they have gotten the recognition they deserve. I stumbled upon this business until a few weeks ago and love love love how cute and blingy the bonnets are. You can customize it with your favorite colors or your barn colors. This is a cute way to match with your teammates or match a saddle pad that you can find a bonnet for.

This tack shop is not an ordinary tack shop. This shop has everything with colors. There are horse boots, Saddle pads, stirrups gloves and so much more with all different colors. There is for sure something for the spoiled pony in your life from Punk Ponies. Use the code MYMAMA for 10% off. Click Here to view Punk Ponies Tack shop's website

Many of you know that my Instagram is basically a fan page for Herd of Zebras… I could not not add them because they are so awesome to work with and have such cute shirts, coats, sweatshirts, pants and so much more! This is an awesome time to get so many things from this shop for the holiday season. You can twin with your horse when you use their HofZ saddle pads and bonnets while you wear your herd of zebra clothing and use their new grooming tote, saddle bags and so much more! Use code “MAKER” for 10% off there is no date that the offer ends. Click here to view HofZ website

I have always loved this company and so grateful for sending me a custom saddle pad right before a horse show, so I can have a matching saddle pad to my bonnet. Everything can be custom made and there are a few items that are ready to be sent out! This is a great way to get your favorite pattern and color or just one of them on bonnets, saddle pads, polo wraps. I have a few different things from Hopeful equestrian and there was never anything wrong with any of the products and I still have them after a few years. It is all handmade and very durable. Click here to view Hopeful Equestrian's website

Foot Huggies are amazing! The socks are thick but not super thick, it's a good thickness… If that makes sense. No matter if your an equestrian or just wanting regular socks, Foot Huggies is for you! There are tall socks and ankle socks. I love the socks whether it is for riding or everyday use they are perfect. There are many different styles with all disciplines. Click here to view Foot Huggies website.

These are also my favorite socks ever because they aren't too thin but they are thinner than the Foot Huggies. These come in all different colors, patterns, and designs. You can even make your designed socks! Have a favorite saying with your barn? Friends? Trainer? You can add that.the socks fit awesome and so comfy, I forget that I am wearing than when I'm wearing them. click here to view the website

The treats are so cute! There are all different shapes and styles of treats. Some treats are sugar-free and still super cute! I have recently bought some more for my horse and he loves them. There are pizzas, cakes, donuts and so much more! If I could I would buy everything! Make sure to check out their Black Friday deals. Click here to view Snaks 5th Avenchew's website.

This company's hand lotion makes your hands super smooth and it is all geared towards equestrians. There isn't a strong scent but it still smells amazing! I love the face cream and body lotion. This would be an awesome gift for anyone because the products last for a while and is a favorite among everyone who has tried it.lick here to view Equilibre's website

A few years ago I got the lavender scent clearly clean and conditioner was amazing! I don't always like how the normal tack cleaner’s smell can be overwhelming and sometimes smell disgusting. The consistency is perfect, not too soft where you get too much cleaner or too hard where it seems like you get nothing. I honestly love this company and super excited to see how everyone else likes here to view CVF's website

The riding tights are amazing! And come in different colors such as green, black/ and white and the knee patches have black, brown and burgundy/maroon color and it pops! I love the shirt “00 Faults” also known as “double clear” on the website and the hats especially the knitted hat with the fuzzy puff ball on the top. Anything on here will be loved by anyone who gets it. Click here to view the website.

All horses love these treats and the quality. The treats are a favorite among many equestrians and great for putting pills in, for your horse. The treats are a little more expensive but they are worth it! Especially for Christmas. There are multiple different kinds of treats like the original ones, the slims and so much more. Click here to view Stud Muffin's website.

The polo wraps are so cute and come in so many different fabrics. There is a guarantee that there is a pair of polo wraps that you will like. The quality is amazing and is hand made! Every little part of each wrap is looked at to make sure they are perfect. Click here to view Blue Sky Polos

The Preppi Pony Company is a small online equestrian boutique. They do custom designs for all disciplines and recently started doing personal monogramming as well on the same equestrian item they would like. They offer clothing and accessories for horse lovers. The shirts are super cute and comfy and I love my water bottle and raincoat from them! The water bottle lasts forever and the raincoat can be fitted to you with the tighteners. Click here to view Preppi Pony Company's website

Any equestrian with dirty blankets will appreciate this gift. If their car smells… It's probably the blankets. This gift is awesome so you don't directly say that their car smell or that the blanket on their horse is disgusting. It doesn't have to be a sneaky hint or something. It could just be a great gift for any equestrian. The cleaner is amazing and I love it! Click here to view Blanket Safe website.

This company is so cute! The shirts have some of the truest sayings in the equine world “everything hurts”. I love the navy, white and red logo hat and the “know the course and trust your horse” t-shirt. There are so many different shirts, hats, socks and so much more than anyone would love.Click here to view the website.

Anyone who uses spurs knows how disgusting the spur strap can get and how sometimes they are really weak. Spur tech is an awesome company that makes straps and keeps in mind that we are athletes and that where we walk is mainly dirty. The straps are easy to clean and look professional in the show ring. Click here to view the website.