Moving? Here Are Tips To Help Make It Easier

Packing up to move can be a real hassle; as in finding shipping boxes, packing material, do you pack months in advance of moving or do you wait until the last minute, and will the boxes hold up with your best dishes in them? There is an easy way to pack if you are willing to put the effort into it, and to make sure your belongings make the trip to the next destination in one piece.

When you go to create a shipping box for your things, make sure you not only tape the seam of the bottom of the box, but run a piece or two perpendicular to it. Lay newspaper in the bottom of the box and sides to make sure that your belongings are protected, and wrap breakables in newspaper individually to give it extra protection. Once the box is full, tape the seam and perpendicular then label your box on the side of it, not the top of the box where it may not be seen. Make sure you make an arrow to indicate which was is up on a box and whether or not it is fragile. Before taping, put a string under the tape, so when you go to open it, you can simply pull the string and it will open the box.

Try to avoid packing two separate rooms into one box to avoid confusion later. Use towels from the bathroom as extra protection around breakables, and kitchen towels can protect your dishes along with newspaper.

Shipping boxes can be expensive and if you have drawers that don’t have breakables in them and is full, you can save money here. Take the drawer out and using masking tape, stretch the tape across the drawer, holding your things in place. Keep in mind to remove the masking tape immediately on unpacking. While masking tape is the best in not removing the paint off your furniture, once you are moved, don’t leave the tape on your furniture for too long.

Keep in mind to wrap each plate individually with newspaper, and put them in the box standing on edge. They are a lot less likely to break that way. Make sure that the box is stuffed with newspaper in the bottom, sides, and have it packed so well that the plates do not move. When packing glassware, it is best to pack the largest glassware at the bottom of the box and the most delicate on the top as it will be safer. Consider using a professional service to pack your breakables as they are responsible for breakage, insuring them somewhat.

Pack your clothes in a wardrobe box as you don’t have to remove clothes from hangers, and its easier taking clothes back out and organizing your closet quickly. If you have furniture casters, special hooks for pictures, and other hardware for your belongings, make sure to either tape the hardware to the back of photos, or bag them, marking the bag to make sure it goes to the right item. Pack large items in small boxes and small boxes in large ones, as there will be less likely a chance of your items breaking out of the bottom of the box when you carry it.