Major Blaze

Fire & Sideshow Performer

Seeing a fire performance with Major Blaze of Sacramento, California is something you will not forget!

For the first act, audiences are amazed as he discharges flames around his body, using a brass and copper steampunk fire canon!

As a second act, he weaves flames with a bullwhip, then cracks the whip at a speed of over 700mph, creating a massive ball of fire!

As a third act, he breathes large fireballs!

As a fourth act, Blaze paints fire on his arms (AKA "Fleshing")!

In 2022, Major Blaze has performed at "Unscruz", the Burning Man Regional event in Santa Cruz, "Pagan Bunny Burn", an event North of Sacramento, and the upcoming "Afterglow" decompression in Sacramento on November 12th.

Watch Ryan Moore's film "Ignite", see Major Blaze at 5:02. Luna Roots Major Blaze Promo