At International Monetary Fund (Dec 2017 - now)


  • Mobile Money in the COVID-19 Pandemic, Special Series on COVID-19 Note, October 2020 [note, presentation]

  • Filling the Gap: Digital Credit and Financial Inclusion, IMF Working Paper No. 20/150, August 2020 [link]

  • The Promise of Fintech: Financial Inclusion in the Post COVID-19 Era, Monetary and Capital Markets Departmental Paper No. 20/09, July 2020 [link]

  • FinTech in Financial Inclusion: Machine Learning Applications in Assessing Credit Risk, IMF Working Paper No. 19/109, May 2019 [link]

Country work

  • Tuvalu: 2021 Article IV surveillance, August 2021 [link], see Annex VIII: Financial Development in Tuvalu and the Role of Fintech pp. 47-61

  • Kenya: 2021, Extended Fund Facility (EFF) and Extended Credit Facility (ECF), 38-month $2.3 Billion, April 2021 [link]

  • Kenya: 2020 Rapid Credit Facility (RCF), $739 Million, May 2020 [link]

  • Nepal : 2019 Article IV Consultation -- Financial Sector Policies (pp. 11-14), April 2020 [link] and Selected Issues: Fintech in Nepal (pp. 23-26), April 2020 [link]

  • Brazil: Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) -- Stress Testing and Systemic Risk Analysis, November 2018 [link]

Post-doctoral Candidate in Economics, Carnegie Mellon University (June 2016-Nov 2017)

  • Loss Given Default of Secured Commercial Loans, July 2017 [pdf]

PhD in Economics, Carnegie Mellon University (Sep 2008 - May 2016)

  • Banking Stress & Interest Rate Spreads in Macroeconomics (PhD Dissertation, under Prof. Marvin Goodfriend), April 2016 [pdf]

    • Awarded the 2014 Alfred Sloan Foundation Dissertation Grant in Macro-Financial Modeling

  • Macroeconomic Effects of Fluctuations in the Productivity of Banking, December 2015 [pdf],

  • The TED Spread in a New Keynesian Model with Money and Banking, November 2014 [pdf]

  • The Macroeconomics of Banking Services, Collateral and Interest Rate Spreads (with Marvin Goodfriend), December 2013 [pdf]