Top 6 Tips For Motorhome And Trailer’s Maintenance

If you own a trailer or motorhome, it means you have got a responsibility to maintain it as well. These vehicles are no different from cars and require maintenance and care. During this maintenance and service work, you may find potential issues and get them fixed by top trailer repair Sacramento CA professionals. Oftentimes, ignoring the maintenance of your travel trailer or an RV can result in costly repairs and unexpected failures.

If you don’t know how you can take care of your recreational vehicle in the best possible way, we are here with some of the top general maintenance tips.

Do roof inspection:

A leaking RV’s roof can cause costly damage to your RV. Make sure you inspect your RV’s roof and check for cracks, holes, and tears on it every 3 months. This inspection becomes mandatory when you have recently experienced a heavy storm. Because there are chances of roof damage. Thus, inspect your RV roof regularly for signs of leaks, cracks, and other damages to your roof.

Replace filters:

It’s essential to regularly change the filter in your RV. Air, hydraulic, coolant, and fuel filter need replacement every year to prevent wear and tear, engine damage, and overheating. So, make a point to check these filters and replace them.

Inspect the brakes:

Brakes are one of the most crucial parts of any vehicle. It should always be maintained and checked to ensure if they are working properly. To prevent accidents and keep other people on the road safe, the brakes of your RV or trailer need to work properly. Contact RV service Sacramento professionals if the brakes seem to have a problem or not working as they should before you hit the road.

Change Oil in your RV:

You should regularly change the engine oil of your RV and oil filters. After you have traveled 3000-4000 miles, the oil needs to be changed in your car to keep it running efficiently. Changing the oil of an RV is also important to extend the life of your RV or motorhome. Failing to change its oil on time can cause the engine to experience wear and tear and damages. Thus, to save money on repair costs, change your oil and oil filters regularly.

Check battery:

A drained RV battery is something no one wants while they are on their exciting vacation by road. So, always check the RV battery, maintain it and keep it fully charged every time to prevent situations like this. With proper maintenance and care, your RV battery can last up to 5-6 years.

Schedule RV inspection by professionals:

To ensure your RV is in good condition, regular inspections every 6 months from RV professionals are essential. This way you can catch existing problems and get them fixed by experienced Sacramento trailer repair technicians on time before they turn into expensive repairs.

If you religiously follow your maintenance checklist, you can save money on repairs and avoid RV failures. Of course, who wants their RV to fail or stop working when they are on their trip?