Why you got to Maintain Alkalinity

One of the biggest oral health basics that isn’t taught is maintaining the ph balance in the mouth. Sure, brushing and flossing is one of the key elements, don’t grind your teeth and don’t smoke being a wellness point to keep in, and checking in with your dentist every six months for a cleanup is very important, a good pH balance can really change the way our oral health is, and in turn, it can affect your overall well-being as well. One of the key parts of having good oral health is to increase the alkalinity as well, and if you want to really prevent things from getting worse, you will.

So what is alkalinity. In essence, alkalinity is the ability of water to take acidic substances and neutralize them. The acids in the mouth are what will cause tooth decay and cavities, and that’s really how they’re formed. How do they get into the mouth? Well through the foods that we eat, such as the snacks and sodas that we drink. Some people might have higher than average levels in their saliva as well, so it’s another factor.

Now the pH of this is really the level of acid in the mouth. On the side of the pH scale, you’ve got acidity, which is bad, and alkalinity, which is good. You want to stay out of the acidic area, because that’s how you damage your teeth. If you go alkaline in this, you’ll reduce the acidic buildup, preventing tooth decay, and many other great things. on the flip side, if you choose a lifestyle that will create detrimental effects to your oral health in the long run, you will start to have that happen, because it will create many acids in the mouth.

So how do you fright this well, it does take a little bit of work, but you can naturally increase the alkalinity of the body, which will create a gentler environment for your mouth, and not one that suffers from decay and breakage. So what are a few of the things that you can do?

Well first, look at your sugar intake. Sugar is the biggest culprit here, and it’s how you end up with these problem in the first place. By limiting this, you’ll end up getting a much less acidic mouth, and it’s better too.

Look at your lifestyle choices as well. Coffee is one of the biggest culprits of this, because it’s super acidic. If you moderate this sort of thing, lessening it, you’ll be able to dramatically reduce the acids in your mouth. Another huge lifestyle changes to consider, is also looking at the smoking that you’re doing. If you smoke, or use a nicotine product, you should stop right away. This causes you mouth to become super acidic, and that’s not good.

Now, how do you make it more alkaline? We’ve talked about what not to eat, but what about what you should eat? Well, there are a few things that you should consider when you’re trying to change your lifestyle, and here are a few. The first, is looking to have more root vegetables. These are super good for you, and they also reduce the acids in the mouth. Leafy greens are the next one to have more of, such as kale and spinach, because you got to chew these. Garlic is great for neutralizing all acids, so you should do a lot of your cooking with them. They’re great, and they definitely do help with reducing the acidity of the mouth. Finally, if you love lemons, but you also don’t want to destroy your mouth, add them to the water you drink. It’s that simple, but so effective.

By reducing this, you’re changing your oral health. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference this makes, but it does make a huge difference. Try to ensure that you’re doing this, and make sure that you’re totally improving on your oral health by focusing on the alkalinity rather than the acidity, for it’s a means that’s so simple, and yet so effective that you can make these changes to your oral health too.