AOL, known as America Online. It basically provides a platform on which user can enjoy many services i.e email, instant messaging, dial-up internet connection etc without paying a single penny. A 1985 company, purchased by Verizon in 1915 is now considered as a mass media corporation. It is a package of services which includes the media player, web browser and instant messenger. In this article, we will discuss the various steps to create a new AOL account via

Creating a New account on AOL -

To create a new AOL account, you need to follow some simple and easy steps:

  • First of all, you need to turn on your computer.
  • Secondly, you need to open any of the internet browser installed on your computer.
  • Type in your browser’s URL to open the login page.
  • In the next step, you have to move your cursor to the bottom of the screen and click on the “sign up” button.
  • Once the sign-up page is opened, you can now put the required information in the blank spaces.
  • Firstly, type your first and last name in the provided spaces.
  • Now, you have to create a unique email id. (You can choose one from the suggestions).
  • Next, a strong password needs to be created. Type a strong password of your choice.
  • Furthermore, you need to select your country code and type your mobile phone number.
  • Next, you have to enter your date of birth in the MM/DD/YEAR format.
  • In the next step, you can select your gender. However, it is optional.
  • Once, you have filled all the required information then click on the “continue” button.
  • In the next step, AOL will ask to fill your ZIP code. However, ZIP code lets AOL easily locate your area and this helps AOL to provide customized contents for you.
  • Next block will ask you to choose your security question. Try to keep your answer easy and relatable.
  • After that, you need to enter your mobile number and alternative email id. However, AOL uses it to recover your account. (in case you forget your password.)
  • In the next step, AOL asks to enter a captcha and then you need to click sign up button to create your account.
  • When you click on "Create", it will create your account.

Things to keep in mind:

There are few things which we would like to mention that a user should keep in mind. Following are the points:

  • In order to open your account, you need to choose a username and a password which you must remember. (As it is not possible to change a username again.)
  • You need to be careful before entering your ZIP code as it helps AOL to locate you and provide contents based on your area.
  • Try to answer your security question in one or two words. Don’t make sentences as it is hard to remember a sentence.
  • Furthermore, keep in mind that a strong password must contain UpperCase, LowerCase, Special Character and number.
  • You should not use the year of birth or name or mobile number as your password. However, it is easy to hack.

If you are facing any kind of issue related to AOL you can contact AOL support or you can visit or call on our number to resolve your query.