Mrs. Ahern's 8th grade English and U.S. History

Welcome to 8th grade English and U.S. History. This site will provide basic information and links to Google Classroom. I am looking forward to a fun and engaging year!

Eighth Grade English

Our English content is quite rich, including but not limited to, vocabulary work, novel studies, PBL units, formal and informal writing, public speaking, and current events. All formal assignments will be assigned in class and on Google Classroom (once it launches the second week of school). Students are expected to always bring and independent reading book to class. I'll soon update the site with some recommendations!

U.S. History

Our studies will span exploring Native Americans through the Industrial Revolution. It's just a little bit of content to cover this year! We will unpack the content through PBL units, reading, and simulations.

Google Classroom Link: (Will go live next week).


  • Having two kids of my own, having taught for thirteen years, and based on current research on the topic (Stanford Research and Pitfalls of Homework and Teaming Up on Homework), my philosophy on homework is 'less is more' and 'it must be meaningful'. In my classes, homework will be limited to four weekly vocabulary assignments, nightly reading, and occasional editing of written work.
  • Students will be assigned weekly homework on Session 1 of the week. They will have until Session 4 to complete their vocabulary assignments for that week and update their weekly reading log. I expect and encourage my students to independently read at least thirty minutes a night, four nights a week. Of course, I always encourage more reading!
  • This homework schedule will not change throughout the year, with the idea being that the students can learn to manage their time effectively and establish routines, something that will benefit them as they take on the challenges of high school and beyond!
  • *Homework will not be assigned until the week of 8/27.*

Late Work Policy:

  • I believe there is value in every assignment we tackle in these classes and, therefore, I always accept late work within the trimester. However, students will begin to lose credit once an assignment is late. Once it is over a week late, students won't receive more than 50% credit.
  • Note: Once due dates pass, students will need to hand late assignments directly to me or let me know directly that they have been submitted.


  • Two spiral or composition notebooks
  • pencils
  • Ipads must always come to school charged. If you can remember to charge your phone, you can remember to charge your Ipad!
  • Independent reading book


I welcome communication from parents. School is so much more than just academics. The more I know about the kiddos, the better I can serve them academically, socially and emotionally. Email is the most efficient way of getting information to me. I may not respond immediately, but I always start my day with checking my emails. It is rare for me to take longer than 24 hours to respond. I also welcome phone and in-person appointments.

I'm looking forward to a fun and engaging year!

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