Maheen Zahid

My name is Maheen Zahid. I completed my BS (Computer Science) from "Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan". Now I am doing MS (Computer Science) from "COMSATS University Islamabad" under the supervision of Dr. Nadeem Javaid in "Comsens LAB".

1. Maheen Zahid, Fahad Ahmed, Nadeem Javaid, Raza Abid Abbasi, Hafiza Syeda Zainab Kazmi, Atia Javaid, Muhammad Bilal, Mariam Akbar, Manzoor Ilahi, "Electricity Price and Load Forecasting using Enhanced Convolutional Neural Network and Enhanced Support Vector Regression in Smart Grids", Electronics, (2019), 8(2), 122, EISSN 2079-9292.

Download from Electronics. (IF= 2.110, Q2)

2. Maheen Zahid, Nadeem Javaid, Kainat Ansar, Kanza Hassan, Muhammad KaleemUllah Khan, and Mohammad Waqas, "Hill Climbing Load Balancing Algorithm on Fog Computing", in 13th International Conference on P2P, Parallel, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing ( 3PGCIC), 2018, pp. 238-251, isbn. 978-3-030-02607-3. doi:

Download from Springerlink, and Researchgate.