MagicJack Login Overview

Once you have signed up for a magicJack account login, it is vital that you know how to navigate through the login page and understand the features the login page has. The features and functions on the magicJack login page allow the users to control their account. Some of these critical tasks that can be managed through the login page are changing the registered phone number, renewing the subscription, availing the discounts and offers, changing the notification preferences, requesting for a device upgrade, and more. The users can even add international minutes to their magicJack account from their login page.

Logging into the magicJack account is relatively straightforward and just about anyone having basic computer and internet knowledge should be able to do it without any hassles. The first step of the process is to visit the official website of magicJack login and go to their login page. Once the login page is reached, there is a dialog that would be asking you to input your registered e-mail or the phone number you used while registering for the magicJack account login. Once you have put in either the registered phone number or the e-mail, you need to enter the password. Once you have set in the registered email or phone number along with the password, you would be able to login to your magicJack account login with ease. However, if you have forgotten your password and unable to login to your magicJack account, keep reading.

Password Reset Assistance MagicJack Login

If you have any issues in logging to your MagicJack account login, then you might have to reset the password associated with your account. But, don’t worry as the process for resetting the password for your magicJack account login is fast and easy. As the procedure of resetting the password is simple and straightforward, rest assured you won’t have any issues getting through it.

If you have forgotten the password for your account, merely feed your registered phone or email in the blank field and click on the “Forgot Password?” that would be present below. Once you have done that, you would get an email from magicJack login with your password within a few seconds that would contain the password for your account. Once you have your password, you can log in to your magicJack account login putting in your registered email and phone number along with the password that just came by email from magicJack login. If you have any other issues or queries related to your account, contacting the magicJack Customer Support should be an ideal choice.

Do note that the password would be sent to the email registered with the magicJack login, so keep that email open to access the password. Keep the account and password of that email safe to ensure you don’t encounter any hassles in retrieving your magicJack account login details in future if you face any issues logging to your account in the future.

Logging Using the Purchased magicJack Account Login

If you have purchased a magicJack account login from someone, then it is essential that you have the email address and the password to sign-in to the account and change the password and other crucial details associated with the account. You can make these necessary changes by logging to your account, but make sure you get the relevant account details from the seller. To set up your account, make sure that you change address, phone number, name, registered email, and other relevant details after purchasing the account. However, do note that there is no way other than getting the email address and password from the seller to set up your account when purchasing the magicJack account login from someone else. It is also highly recommended that the old user change the password associated with their account before handing over the account details.

Once you have the details of the magicJack account login you purchased, log in to your account and change the details provided by the old owner. Make sure that you add your email to the account as the secondary email address, so that you do not miss any critical updates or notifications from magicJack login . There are many promotional deals, discount offers, payment reminders, product launch information, product updates, and other information sent to the users by magicJack login through email. So, updating your email is essential and also, make sure that you make your email address as the preferred email address for all future communication. There is an option over there that you would be able to see when you log in to your account. The old email of the first owner cannot be removed, so marking your current email as preferred is essential else all the critical updates and information regarding your account would be sent to the old user. Make sure to do all the necessary changes to the account you purchase as soon as you get the account credentials.

Using magicJack Login for the First Time

If you do not have the device just yet but are curious about how magicJack works then you can press the green button present on the top right of the magicJack login page, titled “Start Trial.” After pressing the Start Trial button, make sure that you had the device ready and plugged into the USB drive of your laptop or computer. Once you plug your device into the computer, there would be a sign on the screen that would notify you that the device is detected by saying “Device Detected.” Once the device is detected, you would have to provide your personal details like name, address, billing information, etc., and also create a password for use with your account.

Once you have filled up the form duly and submitted it, there would be an email sent by magicJack to your email containing the activation code. Use that activation code to put in the appropriate field on the magicJack login registration page, and click on the button saying “activate my device.”

MagicJack Activation and Registration

If you have bought the magicJack login device, but haven’t activated it, make sure to do it at the earliest. Once you have purchased the device, the first thing that you need to do is to visit the official website of magicJack and click on the “Activate” tab that can be seen on the top of the website. It would take you to the login creation page.

During the process, make sure that your VoIP device is plugged into the computer. After connecting the device, click on the “Detect Device” button, and once the device has been detected, the interface will take you through the activation process. Once you have followed the instruction carefully, a dialog box would open on the screen saying that magicJack is downloading and the essential driver for the same are being installed to your computer.

During this time, you would come across screens saying that magicJack is getting updated and is initializing. After a couple of more minutes, another screen would appear that would have the link, which should be clicked to initialize the registration process for magicJack login. The system would then ask if the dongle has been purchased from the physical store or the company’s website. Once you have chosen the appropriate answer for that, click on the “Next” button to go ahead with the rest of the registration process.

In the next phase of the registration process, the ownership of your account is verified by confirming your email address. Do note that the email address provided to magicJack would be permanently associated with the magicJack account Login. Even though another email address can be added to your account in the future, the primary email address would be attached to the magicJack account forever. To create a new account, all you need to do is give your first and last name as well as the email address you use. For users who already have a magicJack account Login, they would be able to sign-in through the log-in page at the official website of the company. You can also add another device to your existing account. Once you have added a device to your account, click on the “submit” button.

Once you click on the “submit” button, a new form would appear asking for some necessary details, and it would also ask you to agree to magicJack’s Terms of Services. Once you have agreed to it and pressed the submit button, you would gain to all the services offered by magicJack login on your account.

It is important to note that the device must be plugged into the USB drive of the computer firmly for it to start automatically when the computer is started. If the device isn’t starting, trying plugging it to another USB drive before concluding that there might be some issue with the device.