What is MagicJack Express

Magicjack Express is a digital phone service available for smart home and business owners to make unlimited local and long distance calls to Canada and the US by using high-speed internet. It is allows you to make calls without paying any monthly bill. It is easy to set up and use. You can start using this service just by connecting your landline phone with high speed internet connection. You can use this service with your landline phone or any other cordless phone with equal ease.

International calls

You can bring you Magicjack with you while travelling internationally to make calls from anywhere in this world back to your home in Canada or the US free of cost. Moreover from Canada and the US you can call anywhere in the world at the lowest international calling rates by using Magicjack. You can also make unlimited magicjack to magicjack calls all over the world absolutely free.

Do not miss anymore call

By using Magicjack you will never miss a call. You only have to download a mobile friendly app free. When you will assign the number of your magicjack device to its app, you can make and receive free calls while going anywhere in this world to simultaneously ring at your business, home and Smartphone what is magicjack express. So to avail the benefits of Magicjack you should download magicapp available at Google Play and in the App store in iTunes immediately.

Lots of savings

Along with free unlimited local and long distance calls to Canada and the US Magicjack also offers free conference calling to ring at your home and/or business numbers simultaneously even when you are away from your office or home. You need not pay any bill because Magicjack is using internet or VoIP for the phone calls. In this way magicjack helps you in saving money as it involves no phone company to make and receive calls.