MagicJack Express vs Go

Most people who use Magic Jack phone service are using it to replace their long distance calls. Because it allows unlimited calling you might as well use it every single time you place a long distance call while at home. They even give you a phone number completely for free.

To get this service, it will cost you between $40-$50 for the first year. This includes the hardware you need to set it up plus a year's worth of the service. After the first year, it will only cost you another twenty dollars per year to make long distance calls.

In these economic times, people are looking to save money wherever they can. With Magic Jack, you can save loads of money on your telephone bill and still keep in touch with your family and friends. Long distance charges are usually the biggest charge on your bill, and this device can make those charges disappear.

What is the difference between magic jack go and the express version?

It appears that the main difference between those plans is that magic jack go incorporates nine all the more "free" months than magic Jack express, yet in essence, a consumer is paying $2.22 for each of those nine months through the upfront $59.95 charge. Both can obtain the services from Android or the iOS magic app for free while texting to any US cellular numbers

Anyone who uses the Magic Jack phone service will also receive 411 and 911. The company even gives you your voice mail which is delivered to your email inbox whenever someone leaves you a message. Don't worry about bandwidth, because its all stored on Magic Jacks servers, not yours.

As long as you have a high-speed Internet connection, then this will work for you magicjack express vs go. Sometimes the quality of sound isn't the greatest. But that hasn't stopped people from using cell phones.

Installation is easy for the both. Just plug in the USB device into your computer's USB port or an external a/c powered USB hub, and Magic Jack will do the rest. Now you can look forward to chatting with your friends as much as you want without dreading your phone bill at the end of the month.