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HC Consulting (,, just now launched its Talent Grooming Program as Adept Kids at its New Year 2020 party organized by HC Consulting.

HC Consulting group is leading consulting company in the world with properties and cash reserves around 50 lakh trillion trillion times trillion times trillion US Dollars.

1 Trillion US Dollars = 1000 Billion US Dollars

1 Billion US Dollar is around 7000 Crore Indian Rupees

HC Consulting Charges 20 Billion US Dollars per year for strategic consulting ( per country).

HC Consulting is solely owned by Prof Dr Voggu Rakesh Reddy PhD MBA, Age 36 ( Rakesh Voggu or V Rakesh). It was started in the year 2013.

HC Consulting is drafting next 2000 year Nava Yugam Script which is essential for maintaining life on earth and lunched at its 2020 New Year Function as

2020 Next 2000 Years Future Awards


Next 2000 years design as Nava Yugam World

from Nava Yugam World Bureau ( Just Launched )

Charges Rs 80 Lakh per Hour per Person to talk to us about it.

Each email or phone call costs Rs 10 Lakh per Phone Call or Email ( 20 Seconds Only)

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