Unit Elections


WHAT: The troop elections are the process where scouts will select those members of the unit that distinguish the qualities of doing our “National Honor Society” of Scouting. Troop will also have the opportunity to nominate adult participants that will be considered for selection at a council meeting. Those elected members will then be invited to induction weekends to participate in the ordeal and become one with our lodge.

WHEN: Units can sign up for a visitation at one of their weekly meetings. The unit leadership should contact the chapter adviser and chief to setup a time. Chapters can be contacted at their round tables or via email.

Elections must be performed between January 1, 2020 and July 1, 2020. An election should take around 30 minutes of a meeting.

Election Training

Please keep records of those who attended and completed unit election training and share with the lodge. The lodge will use this information to assist in coordinating election teams.

Above is a short video on conducting quality unit elections.

Election Teams should consult the Guide to Unit Elections (version 2019) for: Unit Election Rules, FAQ on Elections, Election Ceremony Script, Election Team Checklist and Evaluation Form.

LLD 2015 Election Training — This PowerPoint file will allow chapters to conduct unit election training for new team members that helps the new election team members remain consistent with the processes of the Order of the Arrow and Madockawanda Lodge.

Election Resources

These forms should be used for 2020 unit elections

Youth Candidate Unit Elections Report Form— Unit Election Teams should use this form to report on the Unit Election. Preference is for this form to be scanned and emailed to elections@madockawanda.org at the conclusion of the Unit Election. For more than six candidates elected, use the Youth Candidate Unit Election Supplemental Report Pages document to attach to the Unit Election Report Form.

Adult Nomination Form — Unit Election Teams should provide this form to the unit at the time of the Unit Election and retrieve the form prior to leaving the Unit Election and submit it with the Youth Candidate Unit Elections Report Form via email to elections@madockawanda.org.