Ceremonies are an essential part of the Order of the Arrow. The lodge and chapter’s conduct various ceremonies throughout the year. If you are interested in having a ceremony conducted for your unit, please contact your Chapter Adviser or Chapter Chief.

Call-Out Ceremony

Each year, chapter’s will conduct a Call-Out Ceremony, generally at their district’s Spring Camporee. This ceremony is for Scouts and Scouters who have been elected, and become Ordeal Candidates. Those candidates not present at their Call-Out Ceremony, will still be allowed to attend the Ordeal.

Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil Ceremonies

The Order of the Arrow utilizes three nationally standardized ceremonies for Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil Honor memberships using themes, stories, and symbols centered on American Indian traditions. It also utilizes symbolic progression. This is done to keep the sense of mystery surrounding the ceremonies and their various symbols. There is an element of mystery in the ceremonies for the sake of its effect on the participants. The three membership ceremonies are only allowed to be performed in front of Arrowmen, depending on which honor they currently hold.

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Cub Scout Packs may request to have the Order of the Arrow conduct their Arrow of Light Ceremony. Webelo’s will be presented their Arrow of Light award in a very unique and interesting way. This ceremony may be done in conjunction with the Cross-Over Ceremony.

Cross-Over Ceremony

The Order of the Arrow’s Cross-Over Ceremony will help Webelos better understand the values of Scouting, well also giving them a unique experience at such a young age. This ceremony may be done in conjunction with the Arrow of Light Ceremony.

Eagle Scout Ceremony

Arrowmen who have earned the rank of Eagle Scout, may request to have the Order of the Arrow conduct this ceremony at their Eagle Scout Court of Honor. This ceremony will allow the new Eagle Scout to reflect on their Scouting journey, and to present their parent pins, and mentor pin in a unique way.

Broken Arrow Ceremony

The Broken Arrow Ceremony is a special service for those Arrowmen who have passed away. This ceremony can be conducted at a memorial or funeral of the deceased Arrowmen at the families request. Unlike other ceremonies, ceremonialist are not required to wear regalia well performing this.