Geographically, Madockawanda Lodge covers all of southern and central Maine. In order to better serve it’s members; the lodge uses chapters. There is one chapter per district within the council. Each chapter is led by it’s own team of officers. Those chapter officers have their own advisers to help guide them in fulfilling the mission and purpose of the Order. Getting involved with the chapter is the absolute best possible way to get involved with the lodge. If you are interested and have any questions, please email the chapter contact listed below.

Abnaki Chapter

Abnaki Chapter encompasses most of Oxford, and all of Androscoggin and Sagadahoc counties.

Chapter Contact: Shane Marshall, Chapter Adviser

Meeting Details: To Be Announced

Chapter Officers and Adviser:

Chief: Karl W

Adviser: Shane Marshall

Casco Bay Chapter

Casco Bay Chapter encompasses part of Oxford County and all of Cumberland County.

Chapter Contact: Ryan Kelley, Chapter Adviser

Meeting Details: To Be Announced

Chapter Officers and Adviser:

Chief: Logan A

Adviser: Ryan Kelley

KenneBec Valley Chapter

Kennebec Valley Chapter encompasses Kennebec, Franklin, Somerset, Lincoln, and Knox counties.

Chapter Contact: Greg Solomon, Chapter Adviser,

Meeting Details:

Location: Augusta First Church of the Nazarene, 30 Nazarene Drive, Augusta, Maine (Virtual Meetings As of January 2021)

Date and Time: 2nd Wednesday of the Month, 7-8:30PM

Chapter Officers and Adviser:

Chief: Ryan M

Vice Chief: Thomas S

Secretary: Conor P

Adviser: Greg Solomon

York Chapter

York Chapter encompasses York County.

Chapter Contact:

Meeting Details:

Location: Alfred Parish Church, 8 Kennebunk Road, Alfred, ME

Date and Time: First Thursday of the Month,


Chapter Officers and Adviser:

Chief: Caleb J

Adviser: Dean Raymond