“What About CBD?"

MA fields many questions at the local meeting, District, and World Services levels regarding the use of CBD as related to recovery and membership in MA. We often regard CBD as an "outside issue", and MA as a whole has not been inclined to take a position on its use. However, many members do not agree that it is an outside issue, and MA regularly gets queries asking for guidance regarding CBD use or abstinence.

Earlier in 2019 we formed an ad hoc CBD Committee to attempt to address persistent unanswered questions and concerns about CBD use, as well to give guidance to groups, since some members who have used CBD have reported exclusionary treatment. The members of this committee think that there may be some potential value in MA creating a unified response to offer to MA members who have questions about CBD use. This will not be an official position or opinion; instead, we hope that it can be a useful and inclusive response that anyone asking or fielding questions about CBD can reach for and deliver if they choose.

Since we want to hear and understand all perspectives, we have created a survey to gather more information from MA members who have used or currently use CBD in recovery. The ad hoc CBD Committee wants to understand more about the experiences of people who participate in MA and consider themselves sober AND are also using CBD. If this category includes you or a member you know, please take a few minutes to answer our short 10-question survey at:

Or, you can answer the questions below and send responses via email to outreach@marijuana-anonymous.org with the subject line “CBD”.

(The questions are worded for the individual who uses CBD; if you are answering for a third party, please adjust accordingly.)

    1. How long have you been a member of MA?
    2. Are you abstinent just from marijuana, or do you abstain from all self-prescribed mind and mood altering substances?
    3. What brand/manufacturer are you using?
    4. Has the use of CBD affected your sobriety?
    5. How well-informed do you feel about the contents of the CBD product you use? Do you feel the the labeling is adequately informing you?
    6. How often do you use CBD?
    7. Why do you use it? What medical or other uses do you use it for?
    8. Have you noticed any tolerance to CBD if you have used it over time?
    9. Have you relapsed to marijuana use, and if so, do you think your CBD use contributed to that relapse?
    10. Do you feel that CBD has been a benefit to you in your recovery?