Painting Commissions

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Rosie has spent years producing art for commissions. Her style and the media she uses varies depending on the request or the person the piece is for.

The painting titled 'Goldiggings' measures 1.4m x 2.1m and was part of Rosie's A-Level art exam piece produced in 2004. This mixed media painting is inspired by Goldiggings Quarry near to where Rosie spent her childhood.

River in a Rush

This painting was the other part of the 2004 exam piece, together a study of water. This piece uses ink, acrylic and charcoal and measures 1.2m x 0.5m.


A common request for birthday presents are portraits of people and animals. This commission is in acrylics on A4 paper.

Sea Storm

Sea Storm is a painting produced more recently in 2014 which shows a different style, using mixed media and the common theme of the sea.

Acrylic, ink and pastel on canvas 600x600mm.


'Electric' is a painting which developed from years of watching sea storms.

Acrylic on canvas 600mm x 600mm

Red Centre Swirl

300mm x 500mm

Abstract Work

These paintings were part of a colour series of 6, originally developed from a project observing owls. They are acrylic and ink on MDF boards which were waste panels from a building site.

Blue Centre Swirl

300mm x 500mm


This 600mm x 600mm framed painting from 2003 sits on the wall in Rosie's house. It is a development of the red centre swirl, affectionately named 'Tigger'.


Rosie has produced a number of seascapes in various styles, for a any questions or commissions she can be contacted at:

Watercolour Seascapes

A4 Black Framed Original - £110

A4 White Framed Original (SOLD)

Smuggling Purple

Acrylic on Canvas 30x40cm

For Sale £200 (Framed)

£275 (Framed)

Acrylic on Canvas 30cm x 40cm